Why Angular SSR?

Why Server Side Rendering?

Angular SSR is a technology to render the HTML content on the server. The initial serving of the HTML and CSS is handled by the server. Angular SSR will respond to the client requests using pre-rendered static pages. Our normal Angular application is slow as it takes time to load the data and binding it to HTML. There are several reasons for creating a Universal Angular Application which we will see now. 

For Search Engine Optimization

As our normal Angular application uses Javascript. The Single Page Application adds the data and content dynamically. These applications basically rely on Javascript. Crawlers will not index the Javascript pages mostly. Many search engines will not execute Javascript and hence our application will not get indexed for SEO. All the search engines are based on crawlers to index your application. So to facilitate web crawlers we will use Angular SSR(Universal). Search engines facilitate plain HTML more easily than complex Javascript code. Angular SSR is the best way to pre-render the HTML and CSS static content. Angular SSR will serve the crawler with plain HTML rather than javascript. This static version of Angular application can be indexed for SEO. Web crawlers can index our page more accurately.

Improved Performance

Mobile devices understand the plain HTML faster than complex Javascript logic. So the performance on mobile devices is improved using SSR. As Angular Universal will serve the HTML and CSS content, we can see good performance in low-powered devices also.

Better User Experience

If our application loads faster in one go, it serves the best user experience to interact with our application. Showing the initial page of application is very crucial for user engagement. With Angular Universal, we can load the starting pages quickly as the content is served by the server. These pages are plain HTML content which loads with optimum performance. Using Angular SSR, the user will not wait for the application to load. We can serve the initial pages while the client application is loading in the background. Users can interact with our application as soon as they hit the application URL. The file size served by the server will be very small as it contains only HTML. Angular Universal will load the starting page faster than normal Angular applications which need to be bootstrapped.