The 5 second rule - how to take actions in life

The simple rule behind taking action is stated by "Mel Robbins." The book "The 5-second rule" serves as a motivation to act. The author emphasized that actions seem to be like a rocket launcher. Once launched, always forward and up. No chance of taking reverse or in a backward direction. Humans need to break their barriers to change their lives. Motivation without any action is a myth. Our actions really define the path to success. Big goals or success is unachievable without putting efforts. The author shares a powerful tool to bring change in career and life. Humans tend to be in their comfort zone all the time. They are very reluctant to leave that comfort zone. The 5-second rule helps them to overcome their doubt, fear, and comfort zone and take appropriate actions. Humans have to control their actions. Be daring enough to achieve your goals. This rule applies to change our life.

The 5-second rule

The rule states that:

"The moment you have an instinct to act on a goal just count 5-4-3-2-1 and make a physical move before your brain stops."

The 5-second rule motivates us to take actions within seconds. Rather than taking any pause and made a delay, we should count backward and make a mental move. Our activities will be under our charge. We procrastinate actions by giving excuses. This rule will eliminate that possibility of coming up with excuses. Procrastination is a common human tendency. We hold ourselves in exercising actions in life and keep on delaying. The author acknowledges that there is a window between our instinct and perform any action. Take forward steps in that time frame else our mind kills it. Our life mantra should be "When you think, just do it." 

Real example
  • The real-time example of this rule is doing exercise. When we think of going to the gym or yoga, don't think. Keep your shoes up and just do it. If we give our mind more than 5 seconds to think, the instinct will get killed. The starting ritual is to make a move. Don't procrastinate. The mind follows our actions.
  • Getting up early in the morning is another. Snoozing alarms, again and again, is procrastination. The 5-second rule should be applied here. Within 5 seconds of your alarm rings get up from the bed and make a physical move. Don't give yourself a chance to think and sleep again. 
  • During the study time, we will think of something else rather than actually studying. It happens because of distraction. Overcome these distractions of life and devote yourself within 5 seconds of your sitting. Waiting for more than that will not be helpful. Studying is out of our comfort zone.

Elements of the 5-second rule

The five ingredients of this rule are vital. Each part is essential in its own aspect.

  • The moment you have an instinct - understand the true meaning of instinctInstincts should not be related to negative things in life like snoozing alarm, sleeping, consuming shots in a bar, slapping a person, etc. Real action to shape life and career describes instinct. Instinct should not be destructive or harmful. Instincts are directly communicated by our heart. Your heart urges you or pulls you. Guts or instincts are the same. We know that it's right to act on them. Humans don't feel like doing these instincts as it is not in our comfort zone. 
  • To act on a goal - instinct should be tied to a greater goal
    Instinct should be tied to some specific goals. Doing some kind of action without having a significant impact is not desirable. Our instincts are our "second brain." Start identifying your gut feelings to accomplish the goal. Discovering and acting on the same leads us toward our purpose. Always remember that instincts are not meaningless. Our heart is trying to tell us something. Listen and act. "Actions tied to goals shapes life."
  • Count 5-4-3-2-1 - push yourself to take action
    Make progress toward your purpose by following this element. Push yourself even when you don't feel like doing it. Don't procrastinate. Prompt yourself by counting backward and acting forwards. Free yourself from all kind of excuses. Give yourself an opportunity to act in this time frame if 5 seconds. "Count 5-4-3-2-1 and go." Start your move to make things actually work for you. "Motivate yourself by counting backward."
  • To take a physical move - move within 5 seconds
    The 5 seconds is a crucial time for you. You can change your life to act in these 5 seconds else your brain kills your instinct. These 5 seconds windows play an influential role to take action. What you decide for yourself in these 5 seconds shape our future. Taking a physical move to move close to your purpose is mandatory. Just do it in the time window. Rather than giving excuses or thinking much, a physical move is desired. This step leads to the starting of our goal. "To act is the beginning of any journey."
  • Else your brain kills it - avoid this element
    Our mind is irrational. Doing things outside of our zone seems as dangerous to our brain. When you stop yourself in taking some action, our brain considers it as wrong. Then our brain starts its protection. You have to out rule your mind by taking actions. You need to communicate your brain that hesitation doesn't mean danger every time. Our actions influence our mind. Once you perform an action, it's easy for your mind to act in a series of small steps to produce a result. "It feels good when you do it."

Small moves lead to big decisions and success

Series of small steps lead to a chain reaction of success and productivity. 
  • Stop overthinking in taking small moves. It increases our stress and pull us backward. Keep yourself going. Don't let the unnecessary confusion stops you to act in life. 
  • Motivation is only a myth. Keeping yourself motivated without taking actions is of no use. Taking steps will discover energy and momentum. Keep moving with it. This rule prompts us to take actions. It is biased towards actions. Making things happen is the ultimate goal.