Start with why - Inspiring people to take actions

The book "Start with why" written by Simon Sinek corresponds to an excellent idea behind a business plan or idea. The author quoted that organizations which are driven with the concept of "Why" tends to be successful. Giving real-life examples of determined leaders to show how they influence others to take actions. According to the book, we should have a prior mindset or idea and start with the end result in mind. If we start putting efforts according to a plan or process, things will be more systematic and in place. Most of the sales techniques include manipulation. Manipulation will only benefit short-term goals. The real success lies in learning about the golden circle.

The Golden Circle

The golden circle is the discovery by the author. This circle comprises of three parts - Why, How and What. Why is the innermost concept, How in the middle and What in the end. It symbolizes as below:
  • Why - cause/reason/thought behind your purpose.
  • How - actions/technology/strategy taken for purpose.
  • What - what you want to do? The end result.
Why - If you want to inspire others, then communicate your Why first. People will not but what and how you do but why you do. Very few people and companies know why they are doing a particular job. Why includes like why your business exists, why people should spend in your product or service, why you start your business, why your company or idea is unique, why you are different from others.
It includes the purpose of your business.
How - It includes specific plans and actions to achieve why. How your service is different from others, how you developed a particular thing, how your process should work, how to achieve better end results. Some companies know very well How to do things but they fail to occupy the market. The reason behind is they fail to communicate their Why.

What - Every business is aware of their product and services. They can explain about What very well. From big to small companies, they have a clear picture of their What. They can describe their products to customers very well. These are proofs of how and why.

When we start with why we go from inside to out of the circle. Why is the reason why people should buy? Great leaders and companies naturally follow the rule of starting with why. That's the secret behind their ever-lasting success. If you want to increase your engagement of customers, follow the concept of the Golden Circle. Start with Why, How and then What. 

Real Example
Apple is a powerful example. They state their purpose first to enhance the standard of society, shake things up, empowering individuals. First, they tell why then how and then the end result. Apple acquiring the market because they influence people with their Why. By the time they go to their What, we are influenced by their reason i.e Why.

The Golden Circle - Not an opinion but a biology

The golden circle works the way our brain operates. Neocortex and limbic brain are the two parts of the brain. Neocortex corresponds with "What" and limbic brain to "How and Why." 

Neocortex - Our neocortex is responsible for rational and analytical thinking. This part of the brain takes the decision on the basis of facts and figures. No behavior aspect is taken into consideration by this part.

Limbic Brain - The middle two sections of the golden circle is responsible for our feelings, beliefs, and behavior. The limbic brain controls our trust and loyalty. Human behavior and decisions are based on this part of the brain.

When companies communicate with us by telling "Why", then they interact directly with our limbic brain. They will interact with our driving part of the brain to make us believe that their products are services are meant for us. People got influenced by companies that share their beliefs. They feel connected with the brand and stick to it.

"People buy your purpose, not product."