Million dollar habits - habits of highly successful people

The self-help book titled "Million dollar habits" acknowledges that our habits have a direct correlation with the accomplishment in life. The author Brian Tracy states that if we adopt self- disciplines in life, it will help us double triple our income. Results in various fields are dependent on our attitude. Choosing good habits for yourself leads to excellent results, good health, and success. Useful habits are vital to make a better version of yourself. Very few people form important habits in life and follow them for a lifetime. Good habits should be part and parcel of our routine. But that is not the case. We start something with some kind of motivation and get distracted over a course of time. Take in charge of life by adopting effective habits in life. Cultivate healthy habits to embrace them as a routine. Every good habit has a reward associated with it. Follow your routine as it's the best thing we can do to grow in life. Focus and self-confidence are major pillars.

Habit 1 - High self-concept

High self-concept is a powerful force within humans. Self-concept means what we think of ourselves, our actions, our goals, etc. High self-concept leads to self-confidence. Confidence is the ladder to success. Self-concept pushes us to attain victory in all fields of life. What we think of ourselves matters the most. Our life rules define our boundaries of growth and success. Our self-concept is the driving unit of our brain. Our limits and boundaries are set by our own subconscious mind. Actions, feelings, and achievements are the end results of our self-concept. No matter how capable we are, 
  • From childhood, I used to feel that public speaking is impossible for me. Fear of public speaking was my self-concept. I have bound my mind to follow this fear. Whenever I tried to take part in debates, extempore, etc in school I never did well. My self-concept is the primary reason behind this. Whenever I need to speak in front of my own class of 30 students, I used to do great there in debates, speech, etc. This is again my self-concept that I can speak well in front of fewer people but not crowd.
  • If we think we can do great things in life, it will keep us motivated and our actions follow the same path. Small moves in the right direction lead to a series of achievements and success.
"If you think, you surely can" 

Habit 2 - Self-discipline

Successful people learn to practice discipline in life. Their main reason behind every success is their self-discipline. Discipline leads to big achievements. Without discipline, we can't achieve a higher level of success and income. Life with discipline is imperative. Discipline gives us the strength to do things what we should do and how we should do it. The more discipline we follow, the more successful we can become in life.
  • Develop important habits and follow self-discipline to make them a part of your daily routine. Habits like waking up early in the morning, doing exercise and yoga, reading books, learning new things, etc should be adopted by us.
  • Habits that make us keep going ahead and up in life should be encouraged. Repetition of self-discipline makes us perfect in anything we want to achieve and learn.
  • Set your goals and follow your plan with self-esteem.

Habit 3 - Feed yourself with mental protein

Our body and mind need proper protein for its functioning. A balanced diet is crucial for our performance in any field. Just like that, our wisdom needs continuous knowledge. Mental protein refers to daily information which we should acquire in order to progress. If you want to move ahead in life, never stop learning. Always keep on giving your brain with positive information to go beyond expectations. 
  • Consume your time in some useful habits like reading books. It will enhance your knowledge.
  • Don't indulge yourself in time-wasting habits like watching television, using social media for a long duration of time, wasting time using your phone and other gadgets.


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