Kaizen - ladder to development

What is Kaizen?

Kaizen means "Continuous improvement." Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy for workplace and selfIt means to learn new things and improve yourself continuously. Success comes with a regular process of improvement. Kaizen refers to everyone's improvement every day. It is a theory which states that we should waste any single day of our life. Learn new things every time. Intensify your knowledge and personality every single hour. Focus on the things you are currently working on. Discover new ways of doing things in life. Count your experiences. Kaizen is adopted by many workplaces to improve their working style. Many companies opted this concept to reduce their amount of waste and increase in production. 


Success and enlightenment require consistency. Consistent improvement in mind, body, and soul leads to big results. Consistency plays a vital role in growth. Doing one thing for some days and leaving is not at all effective. It is like wasting your time for that many days. Self-mastery leads to growth at different levels in the journey of life. Urge to work for yourself. Continuous improvement is the basis of stability in life. 


Become a master of your own dreams. You control your life with your actions and decisions. Challenge yourself every day. Crossing milestones created by yourself will lead to more self-confidence. Fill yourself with positivity towards people and life. Try overcoming your fear and laziness in life. Prepare yourself to achieve more and more. Don't be satisfied with what you have. Imagine wonders and remember you have the capability to acquire them. Starting taking efforts. Thinking will not do any good for you. Begin with small steps and develop your skill in any field of interest. Skill development is essential for personal and mental growth and stability. Try to change your bad habits. A bad habit can be replaced by a useful one. Work on imbibing important activities in routine.

  • Our world consists of infinite distractions, so STAY FOCUSED.
  • Try to become a multi-tasker. Divide your time between all daily tasks and events. 
  • "Current action" should be your priority. Don't get distracted.
  • Develop your interest in any action by doing it regularly. Make your habit a routine.
  • Try to stay focused on by avoiding all negative thoughts, people and actions.

 Fear is the major milestone of every journey. Doing things and getting success will lead to no fear after a period of time. Limits are set by ourselves. When we dare to challenge our own set limits, then our real human potential liberates.


The ten ancient rituals are as follows:
(a) The ritual of solitude - Spend some time every day with yourself in peace to know yourself better.
(b) The ritual of physicality - Take some time every day to train your mind and body. As you master your mind, master your body as well.
(c) The ritual of live nourishment - Fill your plate with all kind of required healthy vegetables and fruits covering all essential nutrients.
(d) The ritual of knowledge - Abundant knowledge requires continuous reading and learning. Never feel that you have reached a saturation point in gaining knowledge. It is an ongoing process until death.
(e) The ritual of personal reflection - See yourself in a mirror and review daily. Analyze your actions. Check what went wrong and right on that day.
(f) The ritual of early awakening - Sleep early and wake up early. Morning time is the best time without the least distraction. Utilize it to achieve your dreams. Get up early and feel the difference.
(g) The ritual of music - Music is the best motivator. Spend a little time with it every day.
(h) The ritual of spoken word - Develop a habit of positive self-talk.
(i) The ritual of the congruent character - Build your character every day. It includes taking actions and habits. Our actions make our habits. Our habits make our destiny. Our habits make our character. Take significant steps to make yourself a better version.
(j) The ritual of simplicity - Live a simple life. In today's era, our needs and desires are increasing at great speed. Reduce your needs and be content with less.


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