Awaken the giant within - Self improvement guide

The above title refers to the book written by "Tony Robbins."  It is a book for self-help. You can follow this book to control your own life the way you want. The book title corresponds that everyone has a sleeping giant inside. All we need is to wake it up with our decisions and actions to shape our life as per ourselves. If we want a change in our life, then we need to raise our standards and think that we can achieve it. One needs to change their stereotypes first. Always believe that you can and will meet the standards of life. Another main factor behind success is consistency. Consistency leads to drastic change eventually. People fail in life as they major in minor ones. Sometimes we know what to do, how to do, etc. Even then we don't take appropriate actions for the same. "If you master time, life will be steady." 

  • Raise your standards of life to become a better YOU.
  • Change your stereotypes and limiting thoughts.
  • Plan your strategy and act accordingly.

Decisions - A great pathway

Decisions play a major role. If you don't act as per your decision, your decision is just a wish. If we truly decide to do something, you can do anything in your life. All that implies is our actions and consistency. The book states three decisions to control our lives. Make better decisions for yourself every day. Our decisions shape our lives. Decide to commit yourself for long term results in life. 
  • Decisions about what to focus on - This is the most difficult thing to do in today's world of distraction. Decide and focus on things matter to you. Decide priority according to the 80-20 principle. Perform 20% tasks first that give 80% results.
  • Decisions about things that mean to you - Clearly decide your focus areas and plan accordingly. Have the will to take actions as per your decision. Our decisions decide our destiny. Decide and act properly.
  • Decisions about how to create the results you want - Once you decide what things to focus, start to execute actions that produce results in the long term. Put your consistent efforts and figure out the results. Notice what's going right and wrong. You continue to change your strategy or approach until you get what you desire.

Harness the power of decisions

The power of decisions is exceptional. Our decisions can uplift our life in an unimaginable way. All we need is to harness this power by following the below steps:
  • Make decisions often.
  • Stay committed to your decisions.
  • Be flexible with your approach.
  • Enjoy decision making for your life.
  • Consistency in your actions towards a decision.
  • Learn from your decisions. Explore and experience matters.
  • Don't let your decision to be your wish.

PPP Principle 

The PPP principle is "Pain and pleasure principle." This principle states that all of our actions are aimed at either gaining pleasure or avoiding pain. We associate all our actions with pleasure and pain. Getting up early in the morning and doing physical exercise comes under pain category. If we associate our good habits with pleasure instead of pain, we can achieve anything in life. This is the force which shapes our decisions and actions. Procrastination is the term related to this principle. Sometimes we know we should do something, but we put it on hold. The main reason behind is doing that particular appropriate actions are associated with pain. To control your life, learn how to use pain and pleasure in life. Our master system is comprised of five below mentioned elements:
  • Your core beliefs and unconscious rules.
  • Your life values.
  • Your references.
  • The habitual questions that you ask yourself.
  • the emotional states you experience in each moment.
Replace your bad habit with a positive one. By changing any of the above five elements, you can produce a powerful effective change in your life. Bind your positive habits with pleasure. Our neuro-associations work in the same way. If we indulge pain with negative habits, then we surely avoid them. Short term pain leads to long term pleasure.