Women empowerment speech

I would like to share my views on a very interesting social topic "Women Empowerment." I want to speak about women empowerment and its importance and effects on society. In today's scenario where the world is developing at a faster speed, it's essential to make women empowered. A nation will not progress if women are not given opportunities to raise and lead. First of all, I want to describe what is women empowerment.

Meaning of women empowerment 

Women empowerment refers to giving rights to women to achieve socio-economic growth. It includes giving them equal rights as men to utilize resources to power themselves. Women empowerment means to support women for their overall development in society. A woman is capable of decision making. Gender equality is the first action for women empowerment. Women empowerment means giving power to women to lead economically as men. It includes motivating women to take leadership positions in the public sector, promotions, equality, giving chances to grow, raising their status socially, access education to them, encourage for decision making, etc. It is to accept a woman as an independent individual to make decisions for herself and others, giving more strength to women, equal rights as men.

Importance of women empowerment 

First of all, we should be aware of what is the true meaning of women empowerment. I have chosen this topic as I want to make everyone aware of women empowerment. Why it is important?
From trivial times, women were considered inferior to men and capable of doing household work only. Gender violence, eve teasing, discrimination, traditional practices like Sati, inequality, etc all targets women. Many societies were patriarchal. Women were considered inferior to men. To change this mindset is a herculean task. Perception of women was quite different before a decade. To eradicate this perception and changing the condition of women in society, women empowerment comes into the view. The concept of women empowerment was introduced to give power to women to improve their political and social condition.
Women empowerment plays a significant role in any nation's development. It is synonymous with the complete development of society. An educated woman is a blessing for a family. She is aware of cleanliness, health, hygiene, education, etc. She can better lead her family than uneducated women. For improving the country's economic condition, it's necessary that all human resources including men and women should be considered equal. A working woman in every field is an example of women empowerment over the last decade. A working woman contributes to her family income. It helps in increasing the country's GDP and growth. With double income in the family, you can have a better standard of living in this era of inflation. An empowered woman will also be aware of her rights and opportunities. There are very chances to be a victim of domestic violence. An empowered woman is an asset to family life. She can give direction to her children well. Even research proved that women are capable of doing multiple tasks simultaneously and properly. Social evils like dowry system, domestic violence, illiteracy, rap, etc. With women empowerment, it helps to reduce poverty and improving the status of the family.
We all should aim in making an egalitarian society. In this kind of society, people are equal and get an equal chance for everything including rights and opportunities. 

How we can achieve it?

Women empowerment is the need of the hour. Now let's talk about how we can take different steps in this direction.
  • The very first step to achieve this is to create awareness among women. Women should be aware of their rights and power as a citizen of a country. They should stand for themselves. Women need to take efforts and prove themselves in this patriarchal society.
  • The second initiative should be taken by the government of the nation. Government policies and laws should be made considering the concept of women empowerment. Policies and opportunities should give women a chance to exercise their rights and take steps forward towards growth. The government should provide quality education to women so that they can become independent.
  • In a male-dominated society, old traditions and customs should not be imposed on women. Everyone should accept the fact that women are capable of doing things and making decisions on their own. Individual awareness and promotion should be done to make this concept a reality. Women empowerment is the nation's empowerment also.
  • Breaking the stereotypes and mindset is another significant step. Women should not be seen as inferior to men. They have proved themselves in every field and area. Social constraints are a barrier to a woman's growth. The mindset needs to change with time.


In the end, I would like to pledge everyone to create awareness among each other on women empowerment. As citizens of our nation, we all should change our mindset. Support females around you. Give them their socio-political rights that are right to education, right to work and right to take their own decisions. As a woman, I would like to say that we have to make our position in society. We have to prove ourselves. Empower yourself by acquiring a good education and become self-independent. 

True lines by Jawaharlal Nehru
“To awaken the people, it is the women who must be awakened. Once she is on the move, the family moves, the village moves, the nation moves”.