The slight edge - turning simple decisions to massive success

The slight edge is a philosophy stated by Jeff Olson. According to this, small things in life turn into big success later. This book defines a new way of thinking towards life. It explains one of the most powerful ideas of doing small things consistently. Actions define our life. The small edge creates attitude towards a positive life, attitude leads to actions and ultimately good results.

The slight edge

Humans are bound by habits. Good habits and decisions lead to a positive life. Small decisions, small actions, small habits are defines as slight edge creating a powerful effect on our health and mind. The author defines that doing small things consistently will create a compound effect. The compound effect is the result of doing hard work, following some actions or habits, taking decisions which have productive results over a period of time to produce results. Our negative and positive decisions shape our lives. You should live the philosophy of slight edge every day to achieve goals in life.

Real example
A person used to stay on the fifth floor in an apartment. He uses only lift over the staircase to come and go. In fact, all of us have the same mentality that climbing staircases are not worth. If I will use a staircase over lift, it will not have much effect drastically on the same day. But eventually, it will increase our stamina, strengthen our leg muscles, etc. But we failed to realize all these things. This kind of small decisions will impact our life, not instantly but certainly. Our every habit affects our life. These decisions will create an impact in the long run not instantly. "The choice is only yours for your own sake, choose properly."

Consistently repeated daily actions + time = unconquerable results

Why simple tasks are big no?

Humans have a tendency to ignore things which are easy to do. Humans think like these are small things and will not change anything drastically, so better ignore it. Things easy to do are things not to do. For a slight edge to work, you need to be consistent. It's like a plane and seed harvest. The process takes time but it's worth for sure. Simple tasks are never our priority. It's a big mistake done by humans. Things that create a strong effect, in the long run, don't look like they are having an impact at all in the short run. Seeing no immediate effect will stop doing that particular task. The results are seen immediately. Small things impact in the long run and to achieve the success you need to follow small things in life. Things done consistently will generate a healthy and prosperous life. "Small thing, big change. All matter is our determination."

Real Example
The 20-minute walk should be our choice rather than watching television and series. Walking for one day will not have any visible change on us. But certainly, it is worth than watching television. But we choose entertainment over health. That's where we fail to do decide a good priority for ourselves.

Two paths of life

Our life is like a curve. It has ups and downs. Our daily simple choices will determine the curve of our life. If we are making the right choices and doing actions consistently to obtain results, our life curve will be on the upper side. On the other side, if we are making the wrong choices and judgments daily then our life curve will fall every day. If we want to follow the slight edge philosophy, then we should take continuous efforts daily to step up in our life. Decide your goals and work every day to achieve them. The slight edge is like a journey. You have to cross milestones to reach the final level of your desired destination. Be a better version of yourself than yesterday.

Real example
  • Reading 10-12 pages of a book daily will not increase our knowledge and will be able to read 10-15 good books in a year. This will impact our knowledge. If we think about why we should read 10 pages daily. It's not changing anything. But in the long run, it will surely do. Our good habits make our life prosperous in an exceptional way. Making smarter choices every day will surely help us to lead a healthy and successful life. 
  • Eating junk food over healthy food will make us think that we are not going to die if we eat it. And we continue eating the same. But after sometime, it will impact our health and body. Small changes take time to show its effect but the impact will always be there. 
  • Not doing any physical activity, yoga or exercise thinking that we don't have time from our schedule is a big mistake. Spending some minutes on yoga or exercise will create an impact. But we fail to see it. We will keep on ignoring and selecting the wrong choices over the good ones. That's where we fail. We think only going to the gym, eating a protein rich diet will help. We stop doing simple exercises and yoga also. These things surely affect us.