One minute manager - learning management skills

The title seems interesting "One minute manager, But how?" Is it possible to be a good manager in one minute? The answer is yes. Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson gave us the solution for the same with their marvelous book "One minute manager." This book states three tools for a manager which takes 60 seconds or less, which helps a manager tremendously in getting his job done. These tools will improve their work, motivate people to get their work done, manage their tasks well, deliver work on time and be contended with their managers. Three techniques mentioned in this book helps an individual to learn management and leadership skills.

If we want to achieve something big in life, we have to deal with people. If we lack in this area, then our chances of becoming big will also get affected. It's mandatory that we learn leadership skills. It's the story of a person who wants to learn management and leadership skills. He decided that he wants to learn these skills. He began to search for a perfect manager. He traveled across countries to find a perfect manager, but he couldn't find it.

Two kinds of managers

To learn crucial management skills, the person started interviewing and meeting different managers. After meeting all, he was able to find two categories of the manager. 
Autocratic - This kind of managers is great in earning profit for the organization. They are great for the organization but employees don't like them at all. Managers belonging to this category are stick to their work of earning money only and don't support their employees. None of the employees like them.  
Democratic - This kind of managers don't think in the interest of the organization. They are great for the employees as everyone like them. These kinds of managers give priority to the employees rather than the organization.  
Both the managers are not the perfect kind. One is good for the organization but not for the employees. The other is a contrast as employees like them but they failed to give the organization the desired results. 

Then the person was disappointed as he failed to find a perfect manager. After some time, he learns about a "One minute manager." He was anxious to meet the perfect manager and learn about this trick as soon as possible. After meeting him, he asked about the secrets of being a perfect manager.   
He told him that there are three tools if applied correctly can make you a leader or manager in true sense.


The first plan should be goal planning for less than 60 seconds for your employees. The goal is to set three targets for your employees. Some steps should be followed to make goal setting for your employees. 

  • The most important emphasis should be given on what goals should be set? Manager and employees should agree on the goals. If a manager will set some unrealistic goals without discussing with the employee.
  • Every employee should write the goals and its description in less than 250 words. They can read these goals in less than one minute.
  • The manager and employee should discuss specifically on each goal. The employee should figure out how to achieve these goals. What behavior and approach should be followed to manage all the goals.
  • The employee should read the goals in one minute every day.
  • Meanwhile, they should analyze their performance as well. If they feel they are lacking somewhere in achieving the goal on time, they should put more efforts at the right time.


The second secret was to praise your employees for their hard work. It makes them happy and encourages them to deliver the same quality of good work in the future as well. 
  • Inform your employees that you will give them honest feedback regarding their work prior.
  • Immediately praise your employees for their good work. We usually criticize people instantly for their wrong work or deeds.
  • Praise them specifically about what they did right and how you are feeling with their hard work. Honest feedback encourages them to keep up the good work
  • Convey to them how crucial their work is for the organization. They should feel that their work is being recognized properly.
  • Encourage them to do the same work in the future as well.
  • Be silent in between and let them feel that you are happy with their work.


One minute reprimand means the formal expression of disapproval. Telling your employees that you are angry or unhappy with their work. While reprimand, you should take care of following things.

  • Reprimand your employees instantly. Instead of gathering their mistakes and telling them together, tell them immediately.
  • Tell them specifically what they did wrong. This will help them to avoid the same kind of mistakes in the future.
  • Tell people how you feel about it. They shouldn't feel any injustice.
  • You should forget of adding a note of appreciation with a reprimand. Tell them you still support them. 
  • Remind them of their good work to make them confident still. Explain that your employee holds the same value for the organization. 
  • Being a manager, you should reaffirm that you value them but not satisfied with that particular work. Clear the air between you and avoid dwelling bad feelings within.
  • Make sure that the discussion of reprimand should not come over and over again regarding the same thing. Once over, it's over. 
The power of one-minute management is enormous. If you want to be a good manager, follow these techniques. Management is never been an easy task to handle. Talking and discussing things with your team will surely well. What went well and what needs more attention.

Quote by the author Ken Blanchard
"The best minute I spend is the one I spend with people."