How to win friends and influence people

This is the book title by Dale Carnegie. This book defines the principles to influence people. It defines the different ways to make people like you and become your friends. Humans are social creatures and feel a need to connect with people emotionally. Not only emotionally, but humans are also social creatures. They need to interact with each other to become successful, earn money, to grow, to bond, to connect, etc. We have to deal with people for one reason or the other. Social skills are indispensable. Every human should have social skills to socialize with people. If you how to talk and deal with humans, you can reach any level of success and happiness. Our happiness ratio will rise multifold if others are satisfied with us. This book describes countless ways to handle your relations, to become a good interactor, to win in arguments without being intrusive, to create a positive social image, changing the perspective and behavior of others regarding you, etc. Every human should possess social skills to be happy in his life. 

Ways to make people like you

There are different ways to make people like you. Following these ways, you are welcome anywhere. The author described powerful ways to make a person admirable by others. 

Be a good listener

This is the most significant way. Encourage people to speak about themselves in a conversation. The other person should feel like you are interested in listening to them. Make them comfortable by asking questions, listening and responding to their problems and stories, etc. Listening doesn't mean you need to keep quiet. It means that another person should feel happy sharing with you. Everyone needs a person to hear them out. What they think, what they feel, what they want, etc. Listen patiently without interrupting. Hearing another person with an understanding of their thoughts is an art. People should like to open up with you. Inculcate a habit of listening to others in life. It really helps to build a friendly nature with anyone. Everyone should feel like you are an empathetic listener who understands them completely. People will open with you and share their problems, joys and sorrows.
"Listening and understanding others is an art, we all should adopt."
Real example
When we call customer care of any business. We share our problems and concerns with the executive. Imagine if the executive interrupts you and will not let you complete your sentences. We surely feel frustrated with the person. The expectation from the executive is to listen and understand their concerns patiently and help them with the required solutions instead of interruption. 

Greet with smile

A simple way to create a first positive impression on others is to smile. It's the best way to show others that you like them, you feel happy to meet them, etc. Greeting the person with a smile makes them feel bonded with you. A smile plays an important role to define your personality. Sometimes people create your image without talking to you. A smile is the best way to impress others socially. It is considered as a gesture of welcome. "It's an inexpensive precious gift you can give to others."
Real example
We usually see people greeting with a smile at the entrance of any brand. Smile is considered a sign of welcome. Customer delight is the best strategy in business. It starts with greeting your customers and clients with a smile. 

Remember people names

A name has a unique significance for people. If someone remembers your name, you feel your importance in their life. Remembering people names will make you a likable person. It not only helps you in person but at a professional level too. If you don't remember a person name, it automatically gives a bad indication to them. Try remembering people name. A person loves to hear his/her name. This will makes you admirable and even people wants to connect with you and your name.
"The most significant thing for a human is their name, utilize it as an influence for you."
Real example
If someone remembers your name in a first meeting itself. You feel that you are important to that person. You will love to support and engage with the same person professionally and personally more. It surely develops a friendly relation with them.

Talk about other's interest

People love to talk and socialize with the ones who talk about their interests and topics. Everyone has their own subject of interest. If you want to reach a person's heart then talk about the things matter for them. Ask questions about them like - what are their hobbies? What they love to do on weekends?
Find the subject of their interest to talk upon. This is the best way to be on a common road. People shouldn't feel like you are talking only about yourself. A conversation should be two-way always. "Giving inputs and getting outputs is the best way to talk."
Real example
People in a team should talk about each other's interest to know each other well. This will strengthen their bond and comfort with each other. Generally, teams which don't talk about interests and hobbies will not be able to grow as a team. 

Compliment people

People like genuine appreciation. If you like some quality or something of another person genuinely, do compliment them. Complimenting others will make them happy. Find something good about others and genuinely appreciate about it. If you compliment someone, they will always greet you with a smile in the future. Their perspective will change regarding you. They will feel that you are a genuine person too. 

True lines by Marianne Williamson 
Use each interaction to be the best, most powerful version of yourself.