Advantages of mobile phone

Mobile phones

Mobile phones have become a necessity like air and water. On average, a person examines his phone every 5 minutes. Mobile phones are considered as a revolution for humanity as it has changed everyone's life. It has transformed our life completely. Alteration in ways of communicating and entertainment has changed in the last decade. It has impacted our lives in all possible ways. In all countries, cell phones are used as the main source of communication. Mobile phones are changing the way of doing things, methods of getting information, socializing with people, ways of entertainment and getting connected. According to a survey, for 93% of people, mobile phones are more important than the toothbrush.

Advantages of mobile phones

  • Faster communication - Mobile phones have given an easy and faster way to communicate with people, friends, and family around the world. Mobile phones give us the flexibility to call anyone at any point of time if network connectivity is available. We need not wait for hours for talking to a person like older times. Traveling abroad and facing difficulty for communication is not the case now. Everyone is connected easily by mobile phone. You can connect to any part of the world with just a small device.
  • Texting - Texting messages are written messages for communication. Texting has become much easier with the use of mobile phones. SMS technology is followed in all mobile phones. Then came MMS technology to send multimedia messages. Nowadays texting apps have overruled everything for texting. Apps like WhatsApp, Messenger have given us the flexibility to send instant messages and be connected online. It's the most popular way of communication nowadays.
  • Convenient - Mobile phones are easily portable due to their size and weight. Mobile phones are not a headache to carry as it fits in pockets and bag easily. People prefer carrying mobiles at every place. Mobile phones come in all sizes, colors, and budgets. This is the main reason behind their popularity.
  • GPS and maps - Mobile phones have GPS feature with maps installed. It helps us to discover any location around the globe. There is no difficulty in finding any place or friend's place. You can rely on your smartphone for all these features. Earlier people use to ask people about a particular or unknown location during traveling, which increase their traveling time. GPS has solved this problem. Everyone has GPS available on their phones and gets access to our location. It makes our life events simpler and faster. Finding our way is easy nowadays. Maps help us in navigation during traveling longer distances. It gives us information about distance, live location, restaurants and petrol pumps on our way, hospitals, and hotels. You can track your location while traveling by car, bus or train.
  • Entertainment - Our mobile phone is the best way of entertainment now. One can pass time with the phone for hours without being getting bored. We can see the video, listen to songs, play games, and can do online shopping. We have everything in such a small device. People nowadays spent a lot of time on their mobile watching youtube videos, web series, movies, etc.
  • Photography and videos - A small device which gives allow you to take pictures and videos. Not everyone can own or carry a camera with themselves. But the mobile phone has everything they require for making videos and taking pictures. Our mobile phones allow us to captures moments and memories in the form of photos. Selfies are the new invention of the mobile. It's a trend nowadays. From a three-year-old to a grown-up, everyone knows to take pictures and selfies. Nowadays mobiles are launched with camera quality like DSLR. Mobiles are getting widely populated as it has all the features in a single device.
  • Database for contact numbers - The address book in mobiles acts as a database for contact numbers of family, relatives, and friends. We can save any number of contacts in mobile. Even we can merge our address book with our online drives and platforms. There is no chance of losing our contacts. Even we can save birthday, anniversaries and other events with contact information. It helps us to connect socially.
  • Video calling - Live video chat makes it possible to see the face, audio, and live events. We can watch live events, functions, face, and activities going on sitting at a distance. In the case of our absence, this feature is very beautiful to watch activities live.
  • News - You have access to live news, sports, events, movies, etc. You will have access to live information. What is happening around the globe and even we can see live events happening in any part of the globe. What is happening in another corner of the earth, can be seen in the form of audios, videos, etc. Mobile phones have decreased the habit of the reading newspaper also. People check daily news headlines in their mobile itself.
  • Online banking and transactions - Mobile banking and internet banking are the most comfortable features given to individuals now. There is no need to go to the bank branch for opening an account, withdrawal of money, depositing cash, generating pins, changing details on your account. Everything can be done on the mobile app itself. Mobile phones have made our life easy. We have apps like Paytm, Google pay, PhonePe which makes transferring amount to one another easier. Just with fewer clicks, we can transfer money from account to another.       There is no need to carry your wallets during shopping. Your mobile phone is enough.
  • Alarms and clock - Our mobile is acting our clock, telling us the time anytime. It is another feature offered by mobile phone. You need not carry an extra-alarm device with yourself. You can set alarms and reminders on your phone. Your mobile phone can wake you up in the morning, remind you of your meetings, friends and relatives birthday and tasks to be done.
  • Shopping - Online shopping is getting popular as a result of mobile only. People can easily view things, its categories, prices in their mobile and make a payment. From cloth to groceries, everything is available online to shop.
  • Notes and calculator - You can have notes regarding things to do, a list of shopping item, any valuable information, etc in your mobile. We don't require a pen and paper to write information. It's a very good way to keep notes of things safely. Mobile phone acts as a calculator whenever require. Mobile phones have overruled the need for traditional calculators.
  • Learning - Nowadays mobile phones work as a book also. People use to watch lectures, videos, tutorials on their mobile itself. It's becoming a great source to store pdfs and lectures. We can have access to study material in our phone anytime. Even we can search for anything on our mobile. It's a great medium to learn things in one go. People learn about fashion, dressing, self-expression, etc from their mobile.
  • Easy access to information - Mobile phones have given us the ability to access information anywhere and anytime. We are not dependent on anyone nowadays. People can search and learn anytime using their phones. It's easier to send photos, videos, posters, invitations easily by phone. 

Mobile phones have impacted our life rapidly. It's the best friend of every person in today's era.

True lines by Borje Ekholm
The power of change that mobile technology unleashes is extraordinary.