What is a soulmate connection?

The most difficult connection to find is Soulmate connection.
It is not necessary that we have a soulmate connection with our partner only. It can be anyone. It can be a friend, relative, family member or a stranger. The most comfortable connection is the soulmate connection. In today's era of temporary fake connections, it's hard to find a pure connection. This pure connection which every human wish is a soulmate connection. Sometimes in search of a soulmate connection, we end up finding the wrong choice in our life. Never look but wait for one. If you both happen to meet, no power on earth can stop it. Soulmate comes into your life and never leave. A soulmate can be a romantic or non-romantic connection. 

Life partners v/s soulmates

We have a misconception of considering our life partner as our soulmate connection. Though it's not true always. The lucky ones have both in the same person. A life partner can admire you with the mind rather than the heart. With life partner, you develop an understanding after marriage but with a soulmate, it's like you know each other from so long. Humans have a tendency to fall in love after marriage. Life partners are easy to find but soulmates are rare connections. The life partner is the person with whom you share your life but with the soulmate, you share your heart. Many life partners have chosen to settle with each other because it is the most stable thing to do. They don't think of knowing what person you really are. They are married and eventually, you both fall in love and have a family. Life partners can be soulmates if both accept each other the way soulmates do.

Elements of the soulmate connection

Generally, the soulmate connection is a term used for romantic partners. Your soulmate completes you the way no one else can. The comfortable place in the world seems to be with your soulmate connection. Soulmates share each and every secret about each other. The connection above all. Soulmates are connected naturally.  You always have a deep and natural connection with that person. They both love each other unconditionally. Soulmates never give up on each other. In every situation of ups and downs, they both stick to each other like ant and honey. In this connection you love, care, understands your soulmate partner. You accept each other as a whole with all the good and bad of each other. Soulmate connection needs to be the perfect one, but you two will make it perfect for yourself. An intense feeling of love and sacrifice for each other can be seen in this connection. You can be yourself in front of your soulmate. You start loving the flaws of another person in this connection. Your connection lasts for forever. You both understand each other very well. In the soulmate connection, "us than me" is a beautiful element. It is very hard to separate the soulmate connection. The strongest and safest connection. Soulmates admire each other by heart instead of the mind. Your soulmate loves the real you. Your togetherness is a happy place for both of you. Soulmates can't get enough of each other. 

A true story!

People use to think, soulmates are not hard but impossible to find. One true story I would like to share on this note.
A boyfriend and his girlfriend in college have their own world of love and happiness without realizing their soulmate connection. It seems like normal love connection but it's not. They used to talk and hang out together. Sudden signs of their connection like thinking of calling each other at the same time, pinging each other at the same moment, one thinks and the other person says the same thing, understanding each other's silence and thoughts, maintaining eye contact while speaking, smiling when around each other, immense deep feeling of love, etc. They used to tell each other about all these coincidences and laugh. They used to feel that it happens in love. They both used to take these signs of first love rather than any strong connection.
It was exam time in college. One night before their exam, they both were chatting on WhatsApp as usual. Both were missing each other as they couldn't catch up much during these tough exam days.
The boy wanted to wake up early at 4:00 a.m. to study. But due to exam tension, he woke up at 3:15am and at the same time his phone blinked up for a ping from her saying "It's ok to sleep more, it's not 4:00 yet." The boy got scared if she has planted some secret camera in his room. He was shocked at how the girl knows that he woke up at this time. He was curious to ask the explanation from the girl. When he asked the girl why she messaged him at 3:15 exact? The girl replied she pinged him something out of the subconscious mind during sleeping. They both were amazed after this incident. The right message at the same right makes them realized that they are connected in some way or the other.

God has its own way of making people realize. You don't understand this connection but you feel it. 

Soulmates for life

As per the picture, soulmate has a key to fit your lock and a lock that fits your key. This key and lock is a unique combination. If you find this kind of lock-key connection, treasure it for a lifetime. 

"First love is even more magical when happens with your soulmate."


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