Traveling essay

To take an escape from the daily routine, what is the best thing to do?
The first thing comes in my mind is to "travel". Forget about work, pressure, tensions, and gadgets like phone, laptop, and get lost in the world of travel. Leave all your gadgets behind. Get lost in the beautiful creation of God- nature. Nature has its own ways of teaching us new things and experiences. Explore the world and feel the magic of traveling.

Types of travel

Travel can be of different types based on their purpose, goals, and number of people. Solo travel and group travel are two categories based on the number of people. While solo travel is traveling alone, group travel can vary from two people to many. Business travel is another category based on purpose and goal. Traveling for the purpose of enhancing and managing a business goal comes under this. An adventure kind of travel is to do activities like sky diving, cliff jump, bungee jumping, trekking, scuba diving, rafting, paragliding, etc. Leisure travel is another kind. People do travel to spend time lavishly. Leisure traveling makes us relax. Travels have different kind of exposures and experiences for wanderers.

Importance of traveling

Thoughts of traveling and writing about it only make me feel relaxed. It is the power of travel. Traveling makes us feel relaxed and refreshed. Traveling makes us feel joyful and calm. It is very essential for human life. It adds to our personality in many different ways. Traveling is important for one's growth on all levels. It influences our mind perspectives and lifestyle as well. During traveling

Enhances our personality

Every traveling experience is unique. Some faced problems, challenges, dangers while some travels are smooth. With every problem faced during our travel, we take decision according to the present situation. Ultimately our decision making improves in this process. It pulls us out of our comfort zone. Traveling doesn't mean always to go and stay in hotels and resorts, but it's more about exploring a place and our inner peace. Traveling changes our perspective on life. Adventure travel helps us to overcome our fear.

I still remember my day of adventure. Doing river rafting and cliff jump is a memorable experience. Jumping into the water during rapids holding the rope of my boat is just awesome. It makes me feel strong and confident than ever. It was so much fun. With rafting, another adventure was a cliff jump. I have to jump from a mountain to the river down. I have a life jacket though. It was a breathtaking moment. I went and tried doing it, but was terrified to jump from that much height. I asked the coordinator available there to push me. I went and he pushed me from the back. That ten seconds from jumping till touching the water in the river was unexplanatory. It was an awestruck experience. I felt like "Nothing is impossible if we decide to do it." My fear of adventure takes a new direction that day. It makes me feel joyful and full of life. I can feel the inner peace and excitement at the same time. That day I realized that we should explore each and every adventurous activity once in our life. Adventure makes us overcome our fears. Happiness increases multifold with an adventurous trip.

Makes us adaptable

Traveling pulls us out of our comfort zone. It makes us adaptable to a new place, culture, and people.
Adjusting with the challenges like food and culture enhances our adaptability. Trying different food of different cultures and trying adjusting with it makes an individual adaptable. Accept the change during traveling with an open heart will surely enhance our patience and adaptive nature. Solo trips are the perfect example. Meeting new people, understanding the new cultures, trying different foods is a reality on a solo trip. You get the time to analyze yourself. You will know your choices and dislikes about places and things around. You can spend your time with yourself which is very crucial. During solo travel, people take full responsibility for oneself. They will be more alert and free towards decision making.

Increases our circle

While traveling you will get a chance to meet and interact with lots of people. Making new friends and connections during traveling will eventually increase your circle of people. Many people become lifelong friends during traveling. It is valuable to add the number of people in your contact list around the globe. Nowadays many group activities like trekking and camping are arranged by vendors so that people can make new friends during traveling. We make memories that we can cherish lifelong. Traveling memories are the treasure for a lifetime.
Seeing the photographs of my old trips makes me laugh and cherish those beautiful moments.

True lines by Saint Augustine
The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.