Friendship - a beautiful journey

The most beautiful relation on earth which God has not given us but humans choose on their own. The one relation which is not god gifted yet the strongest of all other relations - "Friendship." 
Friendship is a beautiful form of different emotions like love, care, fight, support, sharing, angry, etc.
It is a beautiful thread which combines many hearts together into one. Some people stay with us forever and some are there for a very short duration of time. Patience is very important in friendship. We should give more in friendship than expecting from our friends. Now friendships have changed, people who have the same likes and interests are friends. There is no space for true and permanent friendship. People have has become so selfish that they will not even spare their own friends from betraying, bitching, cheating, etc. There is no trust left in friendship nowadays. People make friends just to enjoy at a particular moment. Afterward, they will never call the same friend. Meaning of friendship has evolved totally. People think about themselves first rather than thinking of their friends. It is not important that your friends will support you whenever you need in today's scenario. People believe in short term friendship more than long term. Friendship is an inevitable part of everyone's life. Life is nothing without friends. Friends give true meaning to our lives in every form.

I cannot recall any phase of life without friends.
Before going to school and now working in the corporate world, the countless number of unforgettable moments with friends flashes my mind. Its truly said that "life is beautiful with friends." 

Friendship in childhood starts with siblings. My siblings used to be my whole world. We used to roam around, playing from morning till evening, crying when asked to sleep by parents, support each other in front of another gang of siblings, fight with each other badly, etc. We used to wear saree with our mother's scarf(dupatta) and used to play temple scenes at home the whole day. My cousin brother will play the role of a goddess with full makeup on his face, bangles in his hand, two scarfs tied as saree properly, sitting still on the bed playing the role of a goddess. Other cousins including me are the worshippers singing devotional songs for our own cousin with full devotion. The person playing the role of the goddess was not allowed to move, or to laugh at any point of time during the scene. If they failed to do so, then another cousin will get the chance to play that role. We used to play this scene for two hours every day seriously. Mentioning this scene only makes me laugh like anything. Those were the golden days seriously. If we have other friends also in our primary school, we used to feel that our siblings are only our best friends no matter what. My bonding with my siblings is incomparable. We used to play a variety of crazy games in which we will take the towels of everyone in our home and decorate all the stairs inside our house with them considering towels as red carpets. This happens when we will organize our personal dance show inside the house. All these complicated activities used to take place when our mother's sleep in the afternoon thinking we are sleeping with them too. For organizing our show, planning starts before two or three days. For decoration, we used to go to the municipality park to collect flowers without the knowledge of our parents. Nothing is impossible if all the cousins are together. They will convince your parents always in your absence. After three days of hard work, the show day used to be very entertaining and challenging. Challenging as all our outside friends will come to attend the show. We have to show them that we are the best at any cost. After successful completion of the show, our mother's used to welcome us with anger as we have made everyone's clean towels dirty. While playing hide and seek with my cousins, we used to find crazy places to hide like in the wardrobe of my grandmother where no one will suppose to find us.  Hide and seek used to go on for hours. The person giving the turn will get frustrated finding the one in the wardrobe.  Remembering our childhood days make me feel on top of this world. Eating Maggi together every Sunday morning with three of you was so much fun. We used to fool my brother that we are having a competition of eating Maggi fast. He used to eat off his Maggi first, then we all started laughing teasing him with our Maggi left in our plates. I went with my one cousin outside to eat something leaving the other cousin at home, the one left at home reacted in a way nobody will imagine.
As soon as we reached the door of our house, she was standing there with full anger on her face. Seeing us coming, she started running towards her room and started packing bags telling she is leaving the house and going forever. We both felt as if we have committed some crime that day. It is looking hilarious now but that day was a very tough day for us convincing and apologizing her full night. Feeling of sharing things, care for each other, apologizing on small things, teasing each other with new clothes or toys, it seems that we grew up too fast. Siblings are the very beginning of our friendship. I have the best cousins in the whole world. Thanks to all my siblings giving me such amazing colorful memories of my childhood.

School friends are lifelong friends and we shared the best school memories with them. Getting scolded by the teacher, bunking the classes, eating together, playing paper chits games in between the lectures, getting possessive over the seats in class, feeling depressed seeing that our best friend is talking with someone else, cheating during the exams, tieing friendship bands on friendship days, everything used to be so much fun, etc. The best part of friendship in school was everyone used to be very possessive about their friends. Spending six to seven hours in school on the same bench, I used to spend my hours on the phone after reaching home. Endless crazy talks from day to night. We used to have our small world where no one is allowed to enter, not even our siblings.
School friends are friends for life for anyone. After reaching a certain phase of our life, if we look back we will find that our school friends are the friends with whom we are still friends. The longest duration of life is spent with school friends. They are the ones with whom you have completed many years of friendship. Today also I have the same bonding with some of my school friends. Not everyone will stay in the same equation after school. But whoever stays, they are our special friends for life. I know if nobody will be there, my school friends will always be there supporting me in every phase of my life. I can go to them at any point of time and share my problems. We generally will not talk for months sometimes, but our friendship remains the same. Talking or meeting with them will feel the same bond ever.

From sharing food to sharing dark secrets on phone, from playing together to hang out on video call now, from insulting each other to write beautiful captions for each other, from going shopping together to send pictures on WhatsApp after shopping now, from studying together to read each other chats messages on WhatsApp, from fighting with each other to support whenever required, from complaining about each other to miss each other badly now, from going together to college to planning trips together now, we all passed beautiful years of friendship together. With college friends, we have countless special memories.
My hostel friends in college used to be the craziest ones. Whenever I will get ready, they use to shout from their respective rooms teasing me with words like "Ahaa Kya Lag Rahi Hai." I used to shout on them. But they claimed till now that they are praising me instead of teasing. Still doing a video call with them after three years of our college, they tease me with the same lines as they used to be in college. Time has changed, but our friendship remains the same and will always remain.
In between the lectures, we used to start eating our day scholars lunch in class. We caught by our teacher once and insulted like anything in front of the whole class. We used to play funny ringtones secretly on our cell phones inside the class when the teacher's face is towards blackboard. The funny part is that the teacher started shouting on the boys. Nobody expects this kind of deed from girls. Our college trip was another unforgettable memory for a lifetime. Distance never fades the bond of friendship. It remains the same for those who know how to live in friendship. Friendship will double our happiness.

The best place to feel comfortable is with friends. We can be ourselves with our friends. No drama and no formality. The best memories are spent with friends. Accept your friends the way they are. That is true friendship. Make your friend a better version of themselves. Always motivate them to do better things in life. Support them in every situation. Trust is important is friendship. Never break your friend's trust. Be the one to support in friendship. Always have the attitude of giving in friendship. Patience is very important to hold friendship nowadays. Good friends are like blessings.
Friendship completes us.

Rightly said:
“Life without a friend is death without a witness.”


  1. Remember... I'll be there for you even if we part ways.. you'll always be my Chhotu😘

  2. I love you to goli 😁😁😁

  3. brings so many memories aliveπŸ˜πŸ’œ

  4. Omg... All those beautiful memories came like a river with your beautiful writing... I'll be your best friend and your secret keeper, partners in crime and supporters in good and bad times all our life


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