Perspective - Our Own Choice

We should meet only good people with whom we can easily be friends?

Above question seems like why?  Obviously, everyone will say that we should always meet great people with the same friendly nature, matching frequency, level of thinking, same perspectives, the one with whom we can easily become comfortable with. Good people definition changes from person to person. The person dearest to one could be enemy for others.

Not everyone is there to stay in our lives forever, some are there to teach us a lesson, as a known connection, as best friends, as our loved ones, like ones we don't want to remember in future, like ones we don't like to talk anymore. The people who affect our lives are there to help us become a better version of ourselves. Bad experience is the most important ones among all. It not only helps us grow mentally but also emotionally which is very important for our personal growth. Don't get disheartened when we have a bad experience with people, rather we should thank them for teaching us the importance of love and trust. People we meet on our journey is there for an experience for us. We engage ourselves more easily in jealousy, hated, ego rather than love and friendship. Holding on to anger and things will never make you feel good, only will increase the negativity around. Forgiving someone by heart will make you feel delighted from inside. Don't believe me blindly, rather give it a try. One change of perspective can restore our bonds with people.
People who betray us and breaking our trust.

Now would like to tell about the people with whom we are already friends with. These are the people who neither betray us nor breaks our heart.

I have a group of friends with five people. From hanging out together on weekends to doing trips together, we do all experiences together nowadays. Its all been possible because we consider each other opinions.
Group of friends enjoying holidays together on a beach looks beautiful to all. But nobody will praise their maturity to understand each other perspectives to execute a happy trip. Group plans are hard because nobody wants to think from another's perspective. We feel irritated on things like deciding a place for a trip, where to stay, when and how to go and many more bunch of useless issues. If someone's perspective is not given importance they will feel depressed and behave differently as well. Then there's a person in the group who will find this attitude irritating and they might lose interest in going for the trip. In this case, these two people are friends but feel frustrated with each other. In this kind of situation we should not give up on our plans rather should meet and try listening to each other's perspectives first and why they are sticking to that particular thing and then considering it.

If we don't feel right with our some friend's attitude towards things, surely convey them the same. If we will not convey them and keep adjusting to it, they will never come to know regarding the same and they will keep on repeating it. Who knows their same attitude in future will break your friendship with them. Another possibility is that with you it all goes well but in the future, they become friends with non-adjusting ones and repeat it there. Friendship is a responsibility. We should convey bad things about each other before good ones. Think of a different perspective regarding all these situations. Our one more thought may affect something good in other's life. It's just a matter of taking one step for the good.

I am not telling anyone to change your perspectives but try to think out of the box for your own good as well as for others. Considering someone's else opinion will not make you small or big. Its all about giving and feeling happiness within.

Give it a try once!


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