Modern temporary relations

Rather than waiting for true love, people forcibly make temporary relations to show their relationship status single no more. Nowadays we hunt for someone to be with us. We steadily look for someone to hold us. Everyone is scared to be alone. Without considering whether its true love or not, people start making connections with the other person. Modern relationships are weak as compared to the ones which previous generations used to have. My parents lived together for twenty-five years without thinking of giving up on their relation besides all odds. There is no perfect relationship exist in reality. Two people together make it perfect with their constant love and efforts for each other. 

If we talk about our young generation, they don't understand what love is. Their perspective is they need someone to be happy right in the college itself. They want some interpersonal relationships to involve. Attraction is named as true love. They will get involved easily and then piss off with each other within a year or two and end it.
Rather than looking for one for a lifetime, people search for better options. 

"Hunt for better options" is consistent nowadays. As soon as they find a better option, they will give up on you and move on simply. Love never exist actually in all these cases. People don't want to put efforts on their relationship. Preferably they start finding options according to their new requirements. If we enjoy someone's company for a day or two, we start taking it as love, which is merely a wrong decision. It can be just an infatuation. People are more obsessed with materialistic things rather than love. They use their mind more instead of the heart. 

It all depends upon people whether they want to be with someone or not. If they don't want you more, they will find reasons to give up. Relation requires efforts, patience, understanding, and trust. People give up on each other rather than their ego. They want to involve with you mentally, sexually and emotionally until they will not get bored. The abundance of options is the sole reason. They will be with you until they find someone better to replace you. People think that ending a relationship is easy rather than be in it and getting troubled. They don't want to work on relationships anymore. Instead of talking and sorting out things they have the impression that it will not work out now. 

Not only relationships but marriages are also sailing in the same boat. Marriage is known to be the strongest bond before. But the scenario is different nowadays. People don't want to work upon their marriage. They see divorce as the only option. Divorce cases are increasing in our society. People are becoming more self-centered.

Lack of trust in relationships is another significant reason for separation. People cannot rely on each other and failed to give the required personal space to their partner. They will lie and track their partner. Many relationships die as a result.

Even a long term relation die after marriage. People live in a fantasy world before marriage and never talk practical. As a result, many love marriages failed even though having a perfect relationship before marriage. Marriage is a big responsibility which cannot be taken well by all. 

Love is permanent whatever the situation is. If someone is not ready to take responsibility that they will marry you, according to me they had never loved you. Love comes with responsibility and cares for each other. Thinking of your partner before yours, supporting them when they need you, understanding their opinions, respecting them for who they are, inspiring them to be a better version of themselves, loving them, making them smile continuously should be one's goal in a relationship.
Relations are the only treasure one will have for its lifetime.

"Value and love your relations!"