Miss those hostel days

Life was going normal and hectic in college. Hectic because there's nothing much to do on Sundays and after college. How to pass abundance time makes my life hectic in those days. Used to live in a hostel where I made some friends who love singing songs after the refreshment break in the evening.

We use to collect in a room and started singing the discordant songs loudly pausing on every line of the song and adding "YO". If the song is "Dil Ko Tumse Pyar Hua, Paheli Baar Hua". We used to sing it as "Dil koTumse Pyar Hua YO Paheli Baar Hua YO".
This particular song used to be our theme song. So many memories started shooting with "YO BAND".

Words cannot explain the fun we had with our own rocking YO BAND. Those days it became an emotion for us as if we are the SUNBURN band. From irritating people around in the hostel when everyone is sleeping tired from college, to forcefully asking our friends on call to listen to our special YO performance, it's been our favorite pastime those days. If I remember those days still I feel like living them again with my friends. It makes me feel so fresh than any other thing.

Memories may be different but feelings are mutual for all college graduates remembering their college days. We can plan reunions, trips, meetings, alumina after college but cannot create the same magic which used to be there in those moments.

Two lines for those special moments which will never come back. Sad but true.

Another crazy story flashes my mind from our other hostel day.
In a room of 6×6 feet maximum in size, a perfect circle was made to perform another mischievous act. What's special in the act that it made me mention about the same here ??
We were not doing some great inventions. It was merely our way of enjoying those days.
Calling customer care of some random phone network and made him answer our  questions like
What is your name, then we asked him to wish our friend "Happy birthday". Customer care went in shock after this as he was not able to speak for at least 20 seconds. We on the other side controlled our laugh until call got hanged. After that, we blasted with a laugh as if we have climbed the Mount Everest.

"I would like to thank all my crazy friends to be a part of my special memories. I will always cherish the time we spent together. This post is dedicated to you all and our memorable journey."


  1. This article has freshen up all the memories we had together. Let's meet soon for a live performance of "YO Band"❤️


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