Mind at peace today?

One question we must ask ourselves every morning.

Really our mind is at peace in all this hassle?

And the alarm starts ringing continuously without being snoozed for two minutes. Switching off the alarm and then sleeping for one more hour is the best sleep ever. Sleeping and waking up late is our daily routine. Once we realize that we cannot prolong our sleep more at a particular time, then the real race of life starts.

As soon as an IT employee gets up, hundreds of things start shooting their mind. Doing all the struggle with traffic they reached their workplace. Traffic analysis starts as soon as they start for office. Today is Monday then more traffic people will be there on the road, then Wednesday little less than Monday or Tuesday. They reach workplace thinking about how much the work is for today and by what time they can leave from office. The complexity of thoughts increases multifold if complex coding has to be done for deliverables. If critical work is there, lunch will also be spent thinking about the code rather than food. After lunch, they will do walking considering their health. Life will become miserable if EOD (end of the day) task is assigned. Tea and coffee consumption is directly proportional to the complexity of work assigned. No peace of mind is there. They will be getting frustrated with their work till swipe out time. 

Once deliverables are completed, most of the time will be spent in the cafeteria as happy days. They will be talking about their marriage plans, future plans, ideas, onsite opportunities, freelance projects, etc. Life becomes a race which they run every day to make money. Instead of peace of mind and health, money becomes our priority. Lifestyle is becoming worse day by day. No amount of time is left for ourselves. Whatever time is left in a day is well spent with mobile. Having all the technology in just a small piece of box, making us crazy to engage in our mobiles till we sleep in the night. Group of five friends in a room talk more on WhatsApp chat rather than talking face to face.

Peace of mind should be our highest priority. With peace of mind comes good health and wealth both. We should not compromise that at all. Thinking money is the solution for all our joys is a major mistake.
Average life expectancy of human beings is decreasing year by year due to consumption of drugs, tobacco, obesity, etc. All these are results of our changing lifestyle without any consideration for ourselves.

When asked from many IT professionals why they smoke and drink?
The common answer came up that we have this much work pressure that we have to smoke and drink to decrease our frustration. Knowing that smoking and drinking are slow poisons, they keep on indulging themselves in that. Moreover, they claim that drinking gives them their required peace of mind. Without realizing that we are making ourselves habitual of wrong habits for having peace of mind, we keep on doing the same over and over again. A major concern of today is people wants to engage themselves more in all these habits. Doing all this for enjoyment and over a period of time is acceptable. Making it a habit is a major fallback.

Meditation is the best way to have a stable mind. We all should start meditation for more concentration and peace within. We should not keep holding on things disturbing us and building resentment and anger. Rather sort out the things. Start communicating with people around. It will be helpful for you as well as others. When feeling frustrated, spend some quality time with friends and family. Go on bike trips, road trips. Take a break from your daily routine. Adventure is another powerful way to feel motivated and happy. Do what makes you happy.  Follow your passion. Maintain healthy relations. Spend some time in nature sometimes. Never think much on things which we cannot control. Have one on one with yourself asking what is important for you, you are happy with what are you doing, what issues you are facing, etc. 
Self-analysis is dominant to acquire peace.

Create your own peaceful space!

Truly said by Bobby Davro -