Marriage definition

What is marriage?

Everyone has their own definition of marriage.
Marriage is a recognized union of two people either legally or ritually. In this relation, two people are bonded until eternity. Marriage establishes rights and obligations between the partners or spouses. Commitment, loyalty, understanding, and love are the pillars of marriage. Marriage is significant for the number of positive and negative reasons. People have their own reasons behind getting married.

Positive Reasons

  • Companionship - Marriage is important to have a permanent partner to share your life with. All friends, relatives, connections will be busy in their lives. But your spouse will be there to share your experiences in life. Everyone needs someone to support them, to love them unconditionally, to care for them, to have an emotional and physical connection, etc. Everyone needs at least one person to rely on for a lifetime. Your partner would accompany you at every stage of life. You can see new goals and dreams to achieve with that one person ahead in life.
  • Stability in life - When we want to get settled in life, marriage is considered as the best decision as it gives stability to one's life. Two people live together to share each other's happiness and sorrows. Things like coming late from office, chatting all day long on social media, hanging out regularly, etc will decrease eventually. You will feel a sense of responsibility in your life.
  • To be loved - The basic expectation in any marriage is to be loved by your partner. Everyone has the desire to be loved. Marriage gives us that one person who will be there for you in good and tough times. "Life is better with love" is one of the main reason behind getting married. You would get a permanent lover to love you.
  • See life together - Two people grow together. Your partner will be the only person who will be there with you till the end. All other relations may or may not be there every time. Marriage is a promise to grow and see a life together. Marriage keeps them together forever. Someone will be there even at your old age to hold you, to care for you and love you.
  • Taking your generation ahead - After marriage, couples tends to have a child that will grow up and get married to someone else. This process continues until generations. Marriage makes it possible to take your generation ahead. To keep your family lineage continued for years, marriage is the best decision to take.
  • Guide each other - The two people in a marriage are the best mentors for each other. They can guide each other in every situation. They appreciate good deeds of their partner and at the same point, they restrict each other to take wrong steps in life. Couples are the best to influence each other. They motivate each other to explore and learn. In marriage, we learn from each other. Your partner is the best person to understand you in tough times.
  • Assurance - Marriage gives us the assurance that someone will be always there available for you. If we take some wrong step or decision and incurred a financial loss, your partner will be there to face it with you. You can be assured of that. Your partner is your backbone.
  • Biological reasons - Everyone has their own physical desires and needs. In marriage, your partner will take care of your needs. Marriage allows having sex legally. The two people in a marriage are happy with each other to accept each other physically and mentally. This strengthens their bond.
  • Better parents - Married couples find it easier to raise a child than a single parent. Raising a child is a very big responsibility which can be shared between two people. Parenting will be easier in marriage with one more person to support you. Taking care of the child, raising the child, giving the best education and making up the child career are different phases of life. Kids are raised properly with marriage. Kids learn from their parents. Moral values like loving, sharing and caring are different elements that can be imbibed easily in a child with marriage.

Negative Reasons

  • To have a physical connection - Some people think marriage is the license to have a physical connection. Some people get married to have sex with their partner. They have no sense of love and connection with each other. Their main concern behind marriage is to fulfill their physical desires. This should not be the reason behind marriage. Marriage is an emotional relation to understand and support each other. To make your partner happier than before should be your motive.
  • Society pressure - Some people are not ready for marriage. But they still get married because of the peer pressure by society. To sustain their position in society, people are forced mentally to have a marriage relation. This shouldn't be the case. Marriage should be a choice rather than a compromise.
  • For dowry or money - Money is the significant reason behind marriage. People get married to their partner's money rather than the person. In some cases, dowry is the main reason for marriage. Bride's family has to pay a large amount of money to groom side for marriage. People should try abolishing this custom now.
  • Fear of staying alone - When people feel scared of staying alone in the future, they tend to do marriage. But this fear shouldn't be the reason for getting married. Your friends are getting married and your relatives are asking your parents about your marriage are scary situations. When you feel like spending your life with someone, then take this decision of getting married.
  • To enhance their political connections - Some marriages happen to strengthen their power in politics. Many people take marriage as an advantage to have strong political connections. The root cause behind marriage is wrong in these kinds of marriages. Marriage shouldn't be a contract to gain power.
  • When your lover gets married to someone else - This is the most common reason nowadays. When your lover gets married to some other person, people can't accept it easily. They tend to satisfy their ego and pride by getting married themselves. This is a totally wrong reason behind getting married. You have no rights to spoil another person's life just to satisfy your ego and fill the empty space.
  • Feeling bored - When you feel bored with your life, you decide to get married. Having temporary physical relations now no longer gives you happiness. At that point, you think of getting married. 
Take the decision to get married when you are happy with your life. When you can accept someone else to be a part of your life. Acceptance of marriage with a full heart is mandatory. With marriage, it comes the number of responsibilities to handle throughout. When you are ready to share your part and parcel of life as life, money, opinions, dreams, body, family as well as your room and wardrobe, take this decision. When you feel you are matured enough to have a great marriage. When it's the right time for you.

True lines by Martin Luther
There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage.


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