Making life beautiful

These three words are simple to say but hard to accomplish. Making our life beautiful is directly proportional to money which is not false but satisfaction in every aspect of life should be our goal. Life is an ongoing journey. How we can make it beautiful should be our main concern.
"Giving happiness to others will double your happiness and make you feel satisfied as well". Happiness lies in doing small things for others.

"Compliment one person daily, we will end up making 365 people happy by end of one year."

Give away love to feel more love. Always count the good things you have rather than regretting or hold on to bad things. Think beyond limitations and start making your life a beautiful one. Forget the past. Make a list of things that you love doing and just dive in. If you can’t find out what you love doing then make a random list and start checking out the options. The list can contain things like learning to play guitar, photography, programming, learning dance, swimming, etc. The countless number of things you can try but all you have to do is just be passionate about it. Skill development is very important for our personal growth. If we indulge ourselves in creative activities then negative thoughts and things will not impact.

Start thinking things from a new perspective. Take each day as a new beginning. We should make use of all the small time intervals of our day. Managing the small gaps in our one day will make us do more work in one day.
Happiness matters.For you.For the people around you and for the world as a whole.
Situations were not right in the family when I was growing up but I chose to stay happy with my friends in school, support my family, learning new things, dancing, etc. Choose your passion, interests, likes, and dislikes and be confident in them and start working accordingly. Do what makes you feel satisfied.

Never let the bad times affect you. Stay away from the feeling of negativity at that time. Happiness begins with you. Make yourself happy first. Happiness is not about following someone's else path. What works for one person may not work for another as finding our personal satisfaction is only ours. What makes one happy may not make others happy as well. Thinking that being in bad time is our only destiny is a big mistake. Destiny or life brings challenges, obstacles in everyone's life, it depends solely on an individual how we counter it to make ourselves happy. If we choose to stay happy, take a step forward and you will numerous options open for you. Sometimes its all a matter of taking one step.

Happiness is an effort for yourself and the people around us as well. It takes dedication, commitment to making some everlasting permanent changes in your life to make your life the way we want it to be.

Be clear about what makes you happy and make every possible effort to pursue it.

"Choose happiness!"


  1. Wow. Nice article. Keep up the good work :)

  2. Nicely written and very simple and genuine piece of work put together. Waiting for some more posts..

  3. And your words are happiness for me ;)

    Well said ✌️

  4. relatable and genuine piece of life!

  5. Happiness blossoms in reading your post... Nicely done...


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