Indian Middle class - their compromises and values

Significance of middle class in India

In India, more than half of the percent population belongs to the middle class. In India, we have lower class, lower middle class, middle class, higher middle class, and the upper class. The middle class in India incorporate a large proportion of percentage. The middle-class families are highly dependent on the continuous income of the employed members of the family. These are the people who can fulfill their basic needs like food, clothing, and shelter but aspire to enter in the upper class. People in this range has dreams of living a luxurious life. They have big aspirations as well. The middle people plays a major role in the economy. They are considered as the most important class in developing countries as these middle-class people are responsible for bringing changes and reforms in the society. Middle-class pay the largest proportion of tax to the government. That's why they are the most important class for the economic growth of the country. The employed people in India covers this class which includes doctors, engineers, retailers, shopkeepers, etc. Their presence in India is very important for growth. Yet the government doesn't pay more attention to this group.

Problems faced by the middle class in India?

Compromises are common for middle-class family members in India. From small things to bigger ones, they only compromise for each other considering their family condition. The middle-class group is ignored by the government. The government doesn't take any initiatives to improve their condition. The middle-class people in India face lots of problems. They are the ones who cannot be benefitted from the schemes for lower class neither they are rich to face their day-to-day problems. This group drives India's economy by paying tax to the government but cannot get benefits from the same. Indian middle-class families cannot fulfill desires for every member of the family in a single go. In these families, they either for an occasion or festival to buy clothes. They will not go shopping whenever they want without any reason. A single penny values a lot to them. They think before spending money from buying vegetables to shopping for clothes. Sale and offers mean a lot to middle-class families. They will see all the possible options in the market but buy things which comes under their range. They have to do savings every month for any financial crisis in the future. People in middle-class families spend on their needs first. Any economic crisis affects middle-class families badly. The father in the middle-class families works very hard to run his family. Even at a festival, he will go for his duty so that he can buy sweets and clothes for his family members. They don't have enough time to spend quality time with their family also. They will feel tired after working for continuous 10-11 hours daily. Continuous effort for years cannot help people in this group to change their family status. Society pressure is maximum on middle-class families. They are worse affected by what people think of them and their family.

Common things for a middle-class family.

Middle-class families have their own rules to live life because they have so many restrictions. People in middle-class families never go for brands in shopping. They will buy whatever looks good to them. Brands like Diesel, Louis Vuitton, Woodland are their aspirations for life. They prefer buying in the sale even the non-branded clothes where they will get buy 2 get 2 offers.
The people in middle-class families will not spend on expensive mobiles phones and gadgets like iPhone, iPads, etc. Trains and normal roadways buses are their only means to travel from one place to another. They don't have the budget to have a family trip even once a year. Instead, if they have the budget they think of investment and saving for the future rather than spending on trips or vacations.
Middle-class people manage with fans and coolers in temperature of 48-50 degrees in summers rather than ACs. If they managed to have AC, the whole family will sleep in one room. Going out to eat means main course for them. They will rarely go for a three-course meal thinking of the budget. Rather than ordering individual ice-cream for everyone, they prefer ordering a family pack at less cost. Savings and investments mean a lot to this group. If any family member is having a serious health issue, they will sometimes not have enough money to treat them well in a recognized hospital.
Maintaining a smooth life is difficult sometimes.

A teenager boy from a middle-class family

A 19-year-old boy in his second year of college in engineering has a lot of pressure of being a member of a middle-class group. Expectations from a middle-class teenager boy are too high. For a middle-class boy, it is very necessary to make up his career as soon as possible. All family and relatives have high hopes from him. He is seen as the future for the family. Parents will invest a lot in his education taking loans and funds. Parents expect boys to be successful in their respective career and seld independent. If grades are not good at any of the semesters, parents will be worried a lot. They are made to do compromises from their teenage itself. Buying expensive gadgets or clothes, enjoying nightlife with friends, roaming a lot with their friends in college, etc are not allowed by their parents at any cost. The boys are given a fixed amount of money in college. They need to adjust in that money itself. Managing in whatever amount of money they have is their main concern. Boys will not ask their parents to send them more money in the same month. If they need money, they feel more comfortable to ask their friends rather than parents. Boys in college even do part-time jobs to satisfy their needs without the concern of their parents. Part-time jobs like giving tuitions to primary school children, working as delivery boys for any company, etc are very common for them. They will struggle a lot to achieve their desires. They will share their personal problems very less with their parents. Teenagers have a tendency to compare themselves with their fellow friends and classmates. If they don't look good by physical appearance, rich boys in college will make fun of them. Even if they want to go for a gym in college to have a muscular physique, they need to compromise it as they don't have money to follow diet and gym fee. Sometimes they lose their confidence in these situations. They will inferior complex. Due to this, they fail to do well in their studies sometimes.
They fail to impress a particular girl in college due to their middle-class status.
Teenagers face depression nowadays due to all these issues. Parents failed to understand their concerns and worries at this age. Every situation starts scaring and depressing them. In some situations they cannot tolerate this pressure, they start doing crimes, consuming alcohol or tobacco, sometimes harms themselves. The middle-class boys need to be very patient during all these times.
The middle-class boy seems simple after a certain point in life. But they have gone through a series of compromises to achieve a stable position in their life. Even in some cases, middle-class boys are not allowed to follow their passion to be an entrepreneur or artist. This happens because their parents don't want them to enter in risk sector regarding their career. That's why most teenage boys from middle class don't follow their passion as well.

Middle-class values

Maybe they have less money but their values are incomparable. Parents in these families will compromise their wishes to fulfill the needs of their children. Compromising for each other's happiness is a unique quality in middle-class families. They happily sacrifice their wishes for each other. Their relations are based on love and understanding with each other. Besides too many restrictions, they will find happiness in small things of day-to-day life. According to them, marriage is the best way to get settled in life. They value their relations than money. Respect means a lot to them. Their main concern is to earn respect in society. Money is secondary after respect. They will their respect is their treasure for life. Working class people of this group perform their duties with full determination and responsibilities. They are the most honest ones. Middle-class people should invest in the future.

Middle classes are very important to the government. They are working class and serve the nation with their services as managers and employees. Middle classes are very important for the economy of our nation. They are the ones who keep our society intact with their values. People from middle-class are very less subjective to commit crime and wrong deeds.

"I am a middle-class person and I am proud of it."