Importance of personality development and how to achieve it

Personality is the most important factor in one's development. We build our personal and professional relations based on our personality. Our personality defines us. A person with a good personality can have strong relations in society as well. "A charming personality conquers the world." It is the most important asset. You can be in a good position in life if you strive for it. It defines our thoughts, feelings, behavior, positive attitude, confidence, a healthy physique. All these elements complete our personality. It is like a resume. On its basis, you either succeed or fail in the life exam.

Do it for your own sake and interest. Developing a healthy personality makes us looks strong and complete which is very important. There is always a chance of improvement. Personality development can be achieved in a number of ways.

Health is wealth

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. The primary factor of personality development is a healthy body. You lose everything if you lose your health. Even money can't buy health. Some steps should be followed to maintain it.
  • "Eat healthy, stay healthy." Our eating habits define our health. Eating too much junk food, spicy food, not taking enough diet should be avoidable. Our diet should include all the necessary elements required for our growth.
  • Indulge yourself in some kind of physical activity like yoga, dancing, walking, exercise, jogging, etc. 
  • Don't be careless about your health. Your health matters a lot. According to me, everyone should undergo health check-up once a year to avoid any major health issues.

Positive thoughts are our strongest ladder

An optimist person can achieve anything. Power of our thoughts makes us. Positive thoughts can prosper our life while negatives ones can slaughter us as well.
  • Surround yourself with positive people who encourage you to do the best with your life. People who have ambitions and goals in life will pull us to think beyond our limitations. An optimist person can change your perspective towards life. Everyone is satisfied with a 9 to 5 job. Nobody wants more than that. "Thinking out of the box" is rare. But if you surround yourself with people having high ambitions, you will get motivated every day. Enhance your creativity and discover yourself. Have a habit of thinking positively in every possible situation of life. 
  • All happy faces around! Actually, it was scaring me on my first day of college more than anything else. "Everyone is happy except me" is the most depressing thought of a human. I can relate to it completely. This thought can ruin our mental peace completely. Be aware of this dangerous thought. "Everyone is happy except me" is a myth. Everyone has their own problems to handle. Positive thinking makes a positive attitude. Our positive attitude matters the most.
  • There should be no place for negativity. Be very strong to avoid negative vibes and people around. "Avoid sitting idle and alone." Spending a lot of time like this develops negativity. Nowadays humans have the tendency to feel sad more easily than being satisfied. "Count your blessings" whenever you feel like thinking about your life.
  • Our thoughts matters. Your thoughts shouldn't block your way. Don't spend time thinking about it. "When is the right time to do" should not be our attitude. Before entering a particular challenge in life, it seems like a giraffe but actually, it's a rabbit. Once you finish it, it seems nothing to you. Take it as a challenge and do it. 
  • "What others will think about me" is the stepping stone in our journey. It restricts and blocks our thoughts eventually. Don't think about what others think. Your well-wishers will never judge you. The ones who do are not worth considering. 


Self-improvement is the most critical factor in personality development. Understanding where you lack and what parts need improvement is a significant thing to do.
  • Most encouraging factor to think and do big is "Love yourself." Love yourself means to make yourself happy first. Loving yourself doesn't mean to be selfish at all. Do things what makes you happy and what you want to do. Have some time for your hobbies from your routine.
  • According to me, the best improvement of a human happens when they step out of their house. To be adaptable with people, food, and the place is also a part of self-development. You have achieved a big milestone if you are able to cope up with that. Make new friends and take part in discussions at the workplace or home will also help. In these situations, people strive and learn from their experiences. It enhances our patience, ability to make new friends, to be confident. In all this journey, you will find yourself taking a step ahead always. "Give yourself chances to explore your abilities."
  • Improve your interpersonal skills like public speaking, leadership skills, strong communication skills, etc. Developing any skill requires efforts. Many times I started taking challenges for my self-development. For some days I spent some hours for developing my skill. But then I will take a long break. "Consistency" is very essential for results. Feeling motivated for some days and skipping will not help at all. Consistency and keeping up the momentum is necessary. If you practice a skill daily, you will be perfect. 
  • Our behavior is another important aspect. "Our perspective, nature, and behavior towards people and situations matters." Respecting and listening to other's thoughts and perspectives is also important. Imposing yourself on others is wrong. Don't be disheartened with situations that are not under your control. Work on those which you can change for your development. "Give respect and take respect" is a trend. 
  • Another point to consider is "Stay focused." Staying focused on your dreams and goals is essential. Keep your motivated with new challenges. Dream big to achieve big. 
  • Come out of your comfort zones to explore and learn more. Humans feel nervous to take up things out of their zone. We all have a tendency to be in our comfort zone. 
  • Think yourself of a better person than the previous day and work for the same. There is always a scope of development.