Characteristics of human beings - human's tendencies

"Humans are the beautiful creation of God."

Human beings are complete. Humans are God gifted emotions such as love, hate, jealousy, sad, happy, etc. Human beings were evolved in a different way. They are born with intelligence, the power to analyze and movements. From the old age, humanity has found its way to survival. They have their basic needs which include shelter, food, and cloth. Humans have innate tendencies which are unique and significant. Human tendencies are different from one individual to another. Human tendencies are necessary for their existence.

Humans are blessed with the most crucial factor that is intelligence. We are curious to know things. Curiosity is the most common human tendency. Humans are keen to know and learn things early as humans are curious to discover new things. Usually, when a child is given a toy to play, they ruin it completely while guessing the toy. Exploration is a human tendency which is related to curiosity.
Humans want to explore things frequently. Exploring thoughts, places, person or knowledge are their choices. Discoveries and inventions are results of human exploration. In the absence of this human tendency, the world cannot reach the level of technologies. We should explore new things in life as it is best for our mind. To know yourself better should be our first curiosity. Exploring new adventures such as bungee  jumping, scuba diving, sky diving make us feel better as exploration is an experience for us. Humans want to have more access to information. They want to know what, why and when.

Another important human tendency is to communicate. Humans have a tendency to express their thoughts and emotions which is unique. Sharing their thoughts, feelings, experiences with one another through any mode of communication. Communication is the best way to feel satisfied in life. Sharing with friends, family members or sometimes strangers make us feel light and safe. Human wants that there should be someone who understands them completely. Giving and taking love is also a tendency human possess. People want to feel contented with their life. Humans have  their own needs to love and be loved in return. Their physiological needs include sleep, warmth, and sex. They tend to grow, survive and reproduce. Aspirations nowadays have increased multifold. People are becoming money obsessed and selfish. Women are likely to communicate more than men. They like to share their happiness and feelings with their partner, friends or family more often.
When in trouble, communicate. it might not solve your problem completely but you will feel relax after sharing.

Humans cannot sit idle for a long duration of time. Doing something or the other will make us feel relax and peaceful. Performing some kind of activity is another human tendency which is an important one. Taking any physical or mental activity will make us feel better. As a child also we used to activities like sleeping and playing which are very essential for our growth.  We should motivate others to follow their work and hobbies. It will make us feel calm. Innovation is the results of never-ending results of human activities. A child has a need of doing some activities like sleeping, crying or trying to communicate with people around.

Adaptation is also very important for humanity. Adapting to new things, situations, places, people, etc comes under this. How humans orient themselves in new changes and environment plays a dominant role in their growth and survival. Humans need to fit in an ever-changing environment. A person who can adapt to changes easily is more likely to be chosen by organizations. An adaptable person is like an asset. Life is an ongoing process of changes in situations, places, and friends. Learn to accept changes in life is crucial for better survival. We cannot hold up to things and persons in life. A person who understands this principle of life can lead a happy life.

The other human tendency is to understand the thing around. Everyone wants to know about the surroundings they are living in. This type of human tendency to know about their environment is called order. If the things around us are perfectly placed, we feel stable and secure. Understanding the environment and acting accordingly is the right way of doing it.

A child keeps on drawing a sketch until he feels it a perfect one. To do things with precision is another human tendency. This can be achieved by doing practice again and again. Repetition is the best way to be a master in any skill. Skills like dancing and singing require a lot of practice to be a perfect one. Performing some art with perfectness should be our goal.

Questioning things is another human tendency. When we learn a new concept or process, our mind starts questioning. Finding a reason behind every aspect is seen as very common in humans.
My one friend told me in the morning that she will call me in the evening regarding something. From then my mind started questioning. Why she is calling, what is the matter, is everything ok, etc. Questioning is basic human nature to respond to things.

Nowadays human tendencies are based on their needs rather than necessity. People are very unpredictable nowadays. Earlier we can analyze human behavior based on their tendencies. This is not true in today's scenario. People have their own desires and aspirations which has turned them selfish and ignorant.
If someone is screaming asking for help in a crowd, there will be no response from anyone. In earlier times human tendency was to communicate and help people in these situations but nowadays people are so busy in their own life. Money and time have changed their tendencies even to humanity. People are becoming self-centric. There is no concern about environmental issues like pollution and global warming. All these will affect their surroundings as well. Everyone is craving for more and more. Never ending greed of materialistic things have turned our desires in confusion and chaos. Consuming more and more things like unhealthy food, expensive clothes, accessories, cars, iPhones are the human tendency.

People have different tendencies like speaking more than listening, jumping to conclusions fastly, judging people quickly, crying over small things, getting angry on small things, believing others quickly, telling lies often, doing actions without things, etc. Most of us don't have the tendency to face the truth or our weaknesses. We fear them all our life without giving them attention. If we want to get better, face the fear. Everyone should analyze yourself before sleeping at night. Whether our desires and needs are not conflicting with our basic human nature. If our needs and desires are affecting them, we should reconsider our thoughts to place things better.