Healthy work culture - A necessity

Work culture is basically a resume for an organization. It includes ideologies, rules, regulations, leadership, and nature of employees work as well. Work culture is simply termed as the environment in the workplace. Workspace culture contributes to the organization growth in every aspect. Healthy work culture will help an organization sustain for a longer period of time. Nowadays for every organization, it is mandatory to maintain a culture which not only based upon the company's benefits but considers employee's well being too. 

There is a scenario in which an employee has to complete 9 hours in the office every day. If they fail to do so for some genuine reason then their half day salary will be deducted. In this kind of culture, employees will feel frustrated eventually. They will lose interest in working for the organization and they will start looking at other options. No employee will look to stay for longer duration in such an organization. These kinds of rules will not be encouraged by employees as every employee looks for flexible working hours. Nobody wants to stay in the workplace if work is not there. Simply staying for completing 9 hours without doing any useful work is time wastage, which is true. Some organizations want employees to follow their process without giving any suggestions related to the project or process. In some cases, employees don't have the rights to speak about their manager or supervisors as well. There is no face to face discussions. Employees will never feel a sense of belonging with the company's culture. Somewhere the situation is even worse. Employees are not allowed to take even one-day sick leave in their probation period which is for six months. If they do, then their one day salary is deducted besides their genuine reason. In some organizations, politics is also practiced well. Management is biased to some people. Awards, recognition, and hikes are only for some people rather than the deserving candidate. There are many situations in the corporate in which people get frustrated because their work is not recognized by management. Instead, some undeserving candidate receives all applause for doing nothing. Promoting the mentioned kind of culture will not work in today's scenario where people will look first about workplace culture than money and domain.

Now there's another scenario in which the organization main concern is that you are delivering your deliverables on time. Working hours are flexible. Employees have to be in office if work is pending from their side. No micromanagement kind of policies are there in which you have to tell when are you going for a refreshment break and returning back. There is no need for employees to stay back in the office for completing working hours. There is an open forum in the organization where employees can present their concerns about anything. Regular one on one discussions is happening between an employee and their supervisor. Employees are being recognized regularly for their work. No partiality is there between the employees. All are treated the same. Employees can raise their concerns, suggests anything about the process going on, complain about which they didn't seem going well. Awards, recognition, and hikes are given to deserving ones, which will motivate everyone in the organization to perform better. Transparency is there between the employee and the organization. Employees will look forward to work in this kind of work culture. 

Making an organization a better workplace to work should be the major objective. Better the work culture, more efforts will be given by the employees for the organization growth. Employees will feel like working in the same organization for a long duration. A good employee is an asset to the organization. It will add to the company's future growth because voluntary turnover of the employees will decrease eventually. An organization can take many initiatives to make their culture the best one.
Following are the ways to promote a healthy work culture environment.

Team building activities should be organized on a regular basis like a potluck, team lunch, playing cricket or badminton within a team, organizing trips or picnics together. All these activities help the team to be united on different forums. Employees will feel happy and it will be kind of break from their usual work as well. 

An open forum should be given to the employees at regular intervals of time where they can discuss regarding their work, their expectations from the organization, clear up their queries about work, give their suggestions as well. There should be someone from the management guiding employees on career advice, clarify their queries or doubts. This should be practiced so that employees feel that the organization considers them as part of it.

Every organization should have a suggestion box in the workplace where employees can anonymously raise their concerns about the process, complaints, suggestions, etc. If employees want to raise something without their name being highlighted, they can make use of this. This suggestion box should maintain properly by management and necessary actions need to take up as well on the raised concerns. Employees should not feel like the suggestion box is there only for namesake purpose. It should solve workplace concerns for the employees.

A game room should be there in every organization having some indoor games like foosball, carrom board, ludo, etc. Employees can take a break from their work and hang out playing some games with their colleagues. If they have more pending work to do, they can take a break playing some games and continue with their work without feeling bored. 

Work from home should be given to employees if their reason is genuine. With this facility, they can manage their personal work with office work as well. In the absence of this facility, for two hours of personal work in the middle hours of the day, the employee has to apply for the leave unnecessarily. Many organizations will not allow this as employees will not do any work. Working from home should not be misused by employees as well. Then only it can be practiced as a workplace culture for most of the organizations.

If an organization want to strive in today's scenario, the most popular concern should be creating a healthy work culture. 

Lines by Brian Kristofek:
"Being a great place to work is the difference between being a good company and a great company."

It is not only an organization but also its employees who are responsible for the workplace environment. 

Let us make our organization a great one!