What is passion?

Passion in itself is a very powerful word which brings a smile on a person’s face when asked: “what is your passion?”
That smile is clearly a sign since we are talking about passion. Passion is something
which people love doing and highly enthusiastic about. It can be some kind of activity, interest or desire for something or someone. It can be anything listing from writing, reading, dancing, music, singing, painting, coding, photography, swimming, teaching, cooking, playing, etc. We will feel positivity around us following our passion.

The first step is discovering your passion. Start finding things that you love doing. Spending time on your passion will make you happy and you do that thing with more energy and interest as well. Passion can be an activity in which you are really great. Sometimes people will come to know about their passion when they did something and received huge appreciation for the same. Getting rewards or recognition sometimes help an individual discovering their passion. Then they start practicing the same every day and hence ending up finding their passion in that. So start discovering what you love to do for yourself. If you are not getting what is your passion, then create one for yourself.
It is not necessary that one person will have only one passion. It is many to one relationship. One person can have many passions as well. Passion is not something gifted always, it can be created and grown as well. Explore your talent and try doing something useful. It is something which is inside us. We just have to recognize it.
Ask yourself questions like:
If I do this, whether it will make me happy or not?
Which is that one thing I will do with my full effort and energy?
What you love doing apart from your work and schedule?

Once you have analyzed your passion, then you can take steps to improve your skills. Practice it more and become a master. Put more efforts so that you can take your passion a step ahead. Learn more and more things in the same field. Your strengths should match your passion. If you take something that is not matching your strength then you cannot excel in that. One should be determined in following their passion. Take initiatives which take your passion ahead. If people start recognizing your effort then you will feel motivated.

Once you achieve excellence in your passion, think about how you can make money with it? If your passion is something you want to make money then go for it. Make your passion as a career. If your passion is your work, you will never feel bored and taking a break from it. It is fun at work every day. Isn't it great?

If you follow your passion, you will be uniquely identified. Maybe initially you will not succeed. Sometimes it will be torturous in doing one thing and not getting results. It might happen that you are lacking some point or needs to be properly executed at the right time. Constantly putting efforts in the same will result great for sure. Job satisfaction is incomparable. You will deliver high quality of work if you are working on your passion and chances of growth is tremendous. Make your passion recognized by all. Develop your skill in your passion and see yourself creating miracles in the same. Success will be unmeasurable.

Rightly said by Ray Bradbury:
Do what you love, love what you do.