Quality education for all

Education is a process of training, learning ideas, experiences, systematics approach being followed in schools and universities. Education is the foundation for human development. It empowers our mind to take good decisions and analyze properly in life. It affects our decision making also. To decide what is right and wrong is a real education. Education is the most important factor in a country's development. It helps both an individual as well as the nation to grow.

We are giving the required education to our upcoming generation?

The Indian education system needs a lot of improvement. Our education system is based on reading textbooks and preparing for exams and getting the best scores. The one who can grasp textbooks fast and to the mark considers as a topper. Even parents want their child to be a bookworm and a topper as a result. Indian education system encourages theoretical knowledge more. Students don't have any concern about what is the practical implementation of a concept but they can write about that concept in exams and gain marks. This type of education will not take us anywhere. There is no scope for creativity and innovation in the same, which is very important in today's scenario. Our education system doesn't encourage creative students but toppers with highest marks. Rather than building a child's foundation innovative and imaginative, we stressed them with learning textbooks and ask them to enter the never-ending competition of scoring marks. Students nowadays are very stressed in their studies. They don't have time even for extracurricular activities like swimming, dancing, art, and craft. They are not allowed to do things of their interest but burdened with studies. Even the teachers in the school are very strict with the homework given. Punishment will be given to the defaulters. So students feel scared and give full attention to homework at home as expected but their parents and teachers. Our schools are based on reading and writing rather than giving the real education necessary for the students. Textbooks should be rewritten as per today's requirement and necessity. More emphasis should be given on practical approach rather than theoretical. The educational system should be changed to become more practical and reasonable. Students will show more interest if they learn new concepts with its implementation.

Even in colleges and universities, education is not proper. Everyone is reading the textbooks written many years ago. Textbooks are not updated from a long time. Practicals are also mere a formality. No stress is given on practicals. Moreover, the practicals are very old based concepts which we are not going to use now. Education means is to make students aware of the basic concept so that students can enhance or create innovation from them. But that is not followed in our education system. Our education needs to be enhanced as per today's scenario. The government should take this responsibility to revise the system at the global level in our country. Our country encourages students to study and get a job in some organzation. There is no goal set for them to think out of the box or do innovation. It is the sole reason that our country is lacking in innovation globally.

Education makes a person better in thinking, approaching and decision making. Educated people understand what is right and wrong, cannot be fooled easily, run a healthy life. Our schools and colleges should give real education. If education cannot make you a better person, then there is no need for that education. After studying if we are still behaving ignorantly towards society and our responsibilities then there is no meaning of education.
People who have post graduation degree believes superstitions still in our country. Without asking the logic, people blindly follow the superstitions. Besides government initiatives of giving education to all in government schools, we are failed to achieve it. People are not aware of the value of education.
The maid in my house brings her children to help her sometimes. On asking why they are not going to school for education, their answer was "There is no need for education. Rather than wasting time in school, we can work somewhere and earn." They consider education to be a wastage of time and a burden.  After every citizen is aware of education then there comes the question of how to give quality education?
Giving real education to people so that they will not indulge in criminal activities like stealing, raping, murder for hire, human trafficking. If everyone is educated well, these kinds of criminal activities will vanish from our nation. Majority of people involved in these activities are illiterate.
They have their own thinking about life. Lack of proper education is the sole reason behind this.

Creating awareness should be our primary goal. Campaigns should run to create awareness on the importance of education and its benefits for a lifetime. Benefits of education are multifold.
Education creates confidence in oneself which is very important to channel ourselves properly.
It makes our life stable financially as well as socially. Education makes us realize our capabilities and interests and helps us achieve our goals. It helps in the overall development of an individual. It defines our personality as well. A charming personality will be well educated for sure. We can develop our skills, analyzing capabilities, innovative ideas with proper education. People are becoming bookworm blinding without realizing that it will never help them in their growth. Learning and implementing the same in the real world should be our goal. Let all of us come forward to join the initiative of "Quality education for all."

Line by Malcolm X

"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today."


  1. Yes you are absolutely right. But now a days people are more concerned about "mandir wahi bnega" instead of education. 😂


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