Reality versus Fakeness - A trend today

Being real is rare. Real is something which is hard to find and treasured in today's world. People want to live in a dual personality world where they can prove themselves to be the best. Everyone's want to stay away from reality and pretend every time. People believe to showcase a personality which never applies to them. In this 21st century, everyone wants to show themselves superior to others. With each day passing humanity is moving away from reality and close to the imagination. People are in a race to impress others with expensive clothes, jewelry, ornaments, luxurious cars, surprises, gifts, etc. People got attracted towards the person with more money than the person with more moral values. Realism is hard to find.

Everyone is scared to show their reality to others. It is not a fault of any one individual but everyone needs to be blamed for this. Social media is the primary reason for this. We all want to look the best in our pictures, status updates on social media, check-ins, etc.  It all starts from there. Everyone wants to be socially connected rather than being bonded. It is human nature that we all want to indulge in a world that glitters. Without considering, we all start moving slowly away from our inner peace and start indulging in false happiness. In this age of social media, everyone wants to flaunt about worldly things they possess. If they show whatever they have, that is acceptable. Sometimes they start getting indulge in stealing things from others. Their main concern is to display every one about them.

Everyone is in a race on social media.
"Oh! my friend has checked-in of a great cafe on facebook. We should also plan something this weekend." Common statement after checking the facebook updates, whether the person giving the above statement doesn't like to visit cafes often. Just to increase the count of check-ins on social media, he will surely go and post pictures. We do things because others are doing. They need more and more comments, likes on their Facebook or Instagram updates. They will feel insecure if some post gets fewer likes than the previous ones. They start thinking that their clothes are not looking good, camera quality is bad for the picture, maybe the place is not appropriate and other various stupid reasons. Now real race starts for them. They will be more aware of their posts in the future from now onwards. Spending more on expensive clothes, a mobile phone with the best camera and the amazing view in their next picture will be their only goal.

Girls in my hostel who are not financially sound failed to spend money on shopping or trips. Rather than studying hard to improve their condition financially, they start making love with rich boys. They have no attachment or love for them. Their main concern is to come with three to four shopping bags when they return to the hostel in the evening on weekends. Their main motto is to spend their money asPutting their moral values aside, they simply start creating a world which never belongs to them. They don't want to accept reality at all. Making temporary relations just for your needs to display to the world is wrong. It will only cause more confusion and disturbance in society.
Another scenario where people will spend blindly on buying clothes, belts, watches just to showcase. Rather than paying for its worth and it's quality people believe in spending on expensive brands to display to friends and everyone around. We spend on something which is of more social significance than happiness.
Other case is people will speak in English to show their status. They feel speaking in English will show them above others. They don't want to learn English, rather they want to impress others speaking it. They consider the person illiterate if he cannot speak English.
People will remain in their attitude nowadays. They don't like to consider what is going on around. They have become so ignorant about society. They have their own social world where they are happy with displaying themselves.

Buying costly products like iPhones, iPads, etc is also another method of changing people mentality.
All these things mislead us towards falseness. Youngsters nowadays started smoking, drinking, etc. When asked why they want to do all those things, the common answer was because their friends do and it looks cool. They started smoking and drinking as they think it is a cool lifestyle. If we feel like drinking and smoking, do it with your interest. Don't continue it having the wrong perception in your mind. "Follow your heart."

I am not saying that buying expensive things is bad. Buying for the purpose of showcasing is wrong. Do things as per your happiness and interests not to display to the world. "Be the real you."
 If you feel like doing a certain thing, do it. Don't do it to influence people around you. Setting up your mind to show yourself best is wrong. It will not misguide you in decision making. Stop being in this virtual world and realize your own natural beauty and peace.

Be the best rather than showing it. Start doing things which are worth your own happiness. Don't waste time in creating a false world for yourself. Let the world see the real you. No need to change yourself for others. Let your friends and world accept you the way you are. If you want to change yourself for better, it is your own personal choice. Learn new things, explore around the world, experience everything you feel like doing. "Explore the real you." Change your actions rather than changing yourself.

True words for leading a meaningful life by Allen Ginsberg
“ Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.”