Debate on working mothers vs homemakers

The most difficult decision of a woman's life. To decide whether they should opt to work or not is most difficult. Being a woman, I can feel the difficulty to choose between the two. Not everyone has the same choice and strengths. Everyone has their own decisions and preferences.
A housewife versus a working woman is very interesting to talk about. But hard to make a choice.

Being a housewife

A housewife is a homemaker. Homemakers because they make a house a better place to live, to learn, to gain, and to be comforted. Housewife is a working woman without being paid for her efforts all day long. Sometimes housewife works even more than working home, but their contribution is considered negligible. Housewife works day and night caring for her family members. A housewife is considered as the best mother and wife. She invests their time in raising their children, cooking food for the family, doing household works like managing maids, shopping grocery, cleaning home, washing clothes, helping their husband in making arrangements for the family, etc. A housewife is a proud mother too. She is happy doing all these things.
My mother is a housewife. I can't think of any childhood moment in her absence. She was always there for me. She used to spend time with me playing, helping me with my school homework, serving me food with her own hands, narrating bedtime stories, etc. A homemaker can do all these things giving her complete attention and time. She used to support me with learning for my class tests in schools. She used to contribute two hours with me and my brother every day to teach us. She is the best mother.

Pros and Cons of being a housewife

  • Parental bond is stronger if you are there with your child in the early stages of his/her life. A housewife is able to spend time with her children. She is considered as the best mother. A housewife will not regret her decision of being a housewife after she became a mother. She feels satisfied spending all her time caring for her child and home. A housewife is a satisfied mother. They feel complete with this. 
  • A housewife can spend time on her hobbies like painting, dancing, cooking, singing, etc. They have enough time at home to enhance their skills in what they love to do. You are not supposed to answer anyone. You have freedom of spending every day as per your own choice. 
  • Nowadays many organizations have work from home policy. A housewife can work from home as well to become economically strong. 
  • Sometimes being a housewife is not a girl's choice. Due to family pressure and expectations, they are forced to give up their career and stay at home. 
  • A housewife feels monotonous sitting at home. Doing the same household work every day makes her feel bored. 
  • She cannot support her family during any financial crisis. She is fully dependent on another person for all her needs. her contribution is considered as negligible. 
  • In some families, the woman is not allowed to make decisions. Rather she is considered as a maid who is capable of doing only household works. She lacks the power to raise voice as she is fully dependent on someone else.
  • Some girls stay in an unhappy marriage and unable to come out of it because she is dependent on her husband for her needs. She is not self-independent. She can't make decisions for her own happiness. 
  • What if some problem happens in the family, the only pillar supporting the family is not there now. It is hard for a woman to take responsibility without any knowledge and former experience to support her family in these situations.
  • Some housewives become more demanding from their husbands. Sitting idle at home, they will be surfing shopping sites on the internet and end up spending unnecessarily.
  • A housewife lacks her own self-identity where she is someone else rather than only being a mother or a wife.
  • She lacks her own social group. 
  • Being a housewife, you want your daughters to be a housewife too? The answer will be no surely. No mother wants her daughter to be a housewife anymore.

Being a working woman

Earlier work is the term associated only with the man. Woman are considered suitable to stay at home and manage everything. Outside work is only for man. But now the scenario is changed. Woman are empowered now. A working woman is an example of woman empowerment. Doing multitasking is the term for a working woman. A working woman juggles between her work and home. She gives her best in every situation of life. Putting her best efforts, she maintains a balance between both. She is matured and understands her roles and responsibilities. A working woman is highly respected in society. She has the power to sustain in best as well as in the worst. A working woman runs her family cycle with her partner. Sometimes if your husband is earning well, you are asked to quit the job. It should be your own personal choice rather than family pressure. Your partner should support you in your decision of being a working woman. He should understand your challenges and supports you constantly. It is not only about income. Some woman wants to work for their own personal development and choice. Couples should decide on this together. If you are well educated then don't your capabilities staying at home.

Pros and Cons of being a working woman

  • In today's world of continuous inflation in the market, a working woman supports her family for a better lifestyle. One person is not burdened with everything. Double income is important as per the growing needs of the family. If a woman is also working, they can aim at giving their children a better education and a healthy lifestyle. 
  • A working woman is an asset to the family, the country and her children. A woman is capable of doing many things. Then why to waste her efforts at home.
  • Financial independence is another important factor. The woman can spend on her needs without telling or asking someone. She is an independent woman who can make her own financial decisions.
  • Working woman raises better children as per the studies. A working woman raised a girl child who is capable of managing the higher positions in an organization and able to earn more than girls raised by a housewife. Even a boy child raised by a working woman is much more understanding as a life partner and care for his family as to those boys raised by a housewife.
  • A working woman gets a chance to interact with people every day at their work. It enhances her personality every day. She is an addon in raising the children as she can make them learn about society, work and culture with her own day-to-day experiences. 
  • You have your own self-identity. 
  • A working woman is highly respected in the society.
  • She is developing and growing in her career. Some woman has high ambitions in life. We don't have any right to refrain their ambitions from them just for the sake of raising the children. She also knows her responsibilities as a mother. She constantly put efforts to spend quality time with her children. Love for the children remains the same whether they are working or not. You just need to support her in her decisions. A woman is capable of doing multitasks well.
  • A working woman helps in raising the financial status of her family and support her country economically.
  • The woman can follow their passion and can do whatever makes them happy.
  • She will feel confident in her decisions making. Being financially strong makes you feel secure and stable in life. 
  • A working woman has less time to spend with her children. As corporate challenges require your time and effort, there is very less time left to spend with family.
  • They spend less quality time with their children.
  • A working woman sometimes fails to understand her partner's expectations. She becomes ignorant of what being expected from them. All this happens because they become proud of being a working woman and feels no need to understand their partner anymore.
Being a housewife is not wrong at all. It should solely depend on a woman to make her choice. She should not be forced by anyone. It's her life and she has every right to choose her field of happiness. Whether she wants to work or not, should be her own personal choice. The woman has the power to decide what suits her better among the two roles. Both roles are awesome. A woman is capable of doing things best and multitasks are well balanced by a woman. A woman should decide what makes her happy and satisfied as happiness is the most important of all. Make your choices to raise high.

True lines by Amitabh Bachchan
Because you are women, people will force their thinking on you, their boundaries on you. They will tell you how to dress, how to behave, who you can meet and where you can go. Don't live in the shadows of people's judgement. Make your own choices in the light of your own wisdom.